As a woman, I get it – us ladies would love a woman in the White House. An independent, strong, capable woman sitting in the Oval Office would be a dream come true. However, we will not settle for Hillary Clinton. Despite what the left-wing rhetoric tells us, Hillary Clinton is not a representative of us women or our interests. In fact, she is a disgrace to us, and with five reasons I will tell you exactly why.

1. Her contradictory views toward sexual assault victims:

During a recent speech at the University of Northern Iowa, Clinton said that all rape victims should be believed. Meanwhile, when several women accused her husband of sexual harassment and forcible rape, she declared them liars and sabotaged their lives. Hillary Clinton wishes women would forget that, but we will not. We refuse to forget Sandra Allen James, Paula Corbin, Elizabeth Ward, and all the other women who were brushed under the rug while trying to seek justice.

2. Her belief that women need abortion:

Her reductionist views toward women are quite demeaning. Are you seeking a bright future? Are you looking to finish college? Are you single and financially struggling? Forget the sanctity of life, just run to Planned Parenthood and abort. After all, it is “women’s health care”. What about the dozens of innocent girls aborted since Roe v. Wade, Hillary? Are those girls worthy of protection?

3. Her perpetuating of a fake wage gap:

One would think the wage gap has been debunked already, but apparently some missed the memo. Yes, women make 78 cents to a man’s dollar. However, the reasons for this have nothing to do with discrimination; rather, they include degree type, major type, maternity leave, and various other factors. If Hillary were a “champion” for women, she would encourage them to go to school longer or major in engineering, not blame men for doing just that.

4. Her funding by women-oppressing countries:

Don’t forget the massive donations sent to the Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Algeria! Each of these countries are known for their sex discrimination and human rights violations, yet Hillary has no problem taking donations from them.

5. Her constant use of the gender card:

It’s impossible to forget Hillary using the gender card. After all, she uses it in every debate! The most cringe-worthy example is from the first Democratic debate. She was asked about her and Obama’s differences in terms of policy. Her response? “I think being the first woman president would be quite a change.”

Ladies, this woman is not who we want speaking on our behalves. Our first female president should not use women for props or a campaign slogan, she should empower us.

Alexandra A
FFL Contributor