Many people graduate college and don’t work in the political field, but still want to remain involved. Some people do work in politics, but want camaraderie. It doesn’t matter what the reason behind your decision is, joining the Young Republicans is one of the greatest things you can do as a young conservative looking for a like-minded group that ranges from ages 18-40. So here are 5 reasons you should join:


If you’re new to the area or just looking to get out one night with some like minded people, this is the place to do it. Young Republicans isn’t a giant time commitment. Depending on what group you join, you only meet once or twice a month. A lot of meetings for my group take place at a restaurant or a bar that serves food. We normally get a social hour before the meeting starts. It’s a great way to catch up.


This is a great place to make friends who may be able to assist you in a job search or be a good person to write a letter of recommendation. You meet a lot of people who are in office, work within the GOP, or have jobs in the political field that you may be interested in. Take cards, make friends, and don’t burn those bridges.

Knowledge of local and national politics.

The Young Republicans host many meetings with people running for office and sometimes it’s as local as city council or county commissioners. You can know what’s going on within your community without having to dig through your local news cycles about it. You talk about local politics all the time, as that is what affects us most, and you’d be surprised at the amount of local politics and bills that you don’t realize are happening.


The Young Republicans offer a lot of volunteer opportunities involving local community service and campaign volunteering. A lot of the volunteering is done on weekends for campaigns and door knocking, phone banking, and even assisting with social media campaigns. If you get involved on the state Young Republicans board, you can even travel the country as a national committee-person.

Job opportunities.

I found my political connections through networking at Republican events. The Young Republicans offer a wide range of people to meet through networking that you could end up with a job. Joining the Young Republicans is like joining a family that looks out of one another. We will always assist others in a job search and we’re always wanting the best.

The Young Republicans is a wonderful opportunity to make friends, change your state’s politics, and get involved with your community when it needs you the most. The Young Republicans is an organization that is growing every day. 

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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