Hey, Upper East Siders.  Gossip Girl here, and I’ve got some news for you: Blair Waldorf is actually a conservative.  Now, if you’re an avid Gossip Girl fan like myself, you may have noticed that our favorite Upper East Siders make liberal comments here and there.  We all know that real life struggles include watching your favorite television characters turn into something you always hoped they wouldn’t: Democrats.  Personally, when I first heard Blair Waldorf say something that hinted at her being liberal, I basically threw a fit.  It was a Greek tragedy, to say the least.  Not to worry, though, because here are five reasons why Blair Waldorf is actually a conservative:

1. Blair is definitely NOT a modern feminist.

Sure, she may have made a couple of comments that gave the impression that she was pro modern feminism, but her actions prove otherwise.  While she is fiercely independent and driven, Blair also recognizes the advantages of having a man in her life.  She wants to get married to her Prince Charming and start her life as a married woman.  Blair doesn’t see herself as above marrying young and spending the rest of her life with someone.  She recognizes that she can achieve her goals while in a relationship, as evident when her and Chuck both come to the same conclusion that they can build their futures together. Hello, power couple.


2. Blair is fiercely independent and ambitious.

She does not need anything or anyone, and especially not a movement based on false entitlements and special privileges, in order to succeed.  Blair became a powerful, successful woman on her own.  She never expected to get certain privileges because of her gender, and she never needed to.  Blair got to where she is on her own merit.


3. Blair knows the value of hard work

As she famously stated, “Destiny is for losers.  It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”  Although she was born into a wealthy family, Blair has worked hard her entire life, whether it is in climbing up the social ladder, keeping her minions in order, or earning an internship at a fashion magazine.  She knows that no matter what circumstances you are born into, nothing in life is free or easy. Blair does not wait for things to be handed to her – she makes them happen through hard work and dedication.


4. Blair is her own person, and doesn’t let society tell her what’s “cool” or “normal” or “weird”

She does what she wants without worrying (for the most part) about what other people think of her.  Someone as independent as Blair would never let her political views be influenced by the fact that many people believe that the Democratic Party has a monopoly on women.  While it might go against the status quo for Blair to identify as a Republican, she would never let the opinions of others change her true beliefs.


5. Blair has amazing style and class.

Her fashion sense puts everyone else to shame, and she is nothing short of an epitome of a classy woman.  In total FFL style, Blair looks forward while keeping an eye on tradition when it comes to her style.  She dresses in gorgeous, modern clothing while keeping it classy and never trashy.  Not to mention, Blair rocks the color red in true Republican fashion. Whether it’s a red dress, red shoes, or red lipstick, Blair is always wearing the true power color.  I mean, who could forget the gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress she wore in Paris?

red dress gif

Xoxo – Gossip Girl.


Sara S