In case you haven’t heard, this Thursday officially kicks off the primary debate season for our Republican candidates, and we are so excited here at FFL, but maybe you’re still a little indecisive on your plans for Thursday night. For many, the idea of watching a two-hour debate about politics and policies sounds boring and overwhelming but it is so important that we, as young, informed voters, educate ourselves on our possibilities for 2016. So, here are five reasons to turn your TV on to watch the upcoming GOP primary debates.

1. Unedited View of Candidates

While watching and reading the news for information about candidates is great, only receiving your information from a secondary source is risky. News stations and candidate advertisements often edit their content to say what they want to say, giving you a misrepresented message. By watching the candidates live and unedited, you get to see who they truly are, without media’s interference.

2. Easy Way to Compare and Contrast Candidates

Sometimes it’s tough to keep all the candidates and their views separate, but by seeing (almost) all the candidates at once on stage, forming your opinions on the candidates becomes so much easier. If organization is your thing (like me), keeping a notebook of all the candidates and their remarks and arguments during the debates will make the decision for your pick more visual and interactive.

3. See Your Favorite in the Hot Seat

For those who already have a favorite in mind, watching them in the debate is a great way to see how they react to hot topics, tough questions, and critical panels, much like they would if they win the presidency. This is the first time we will see the candidates in such a presidential setting, allowing us to truly see who fits the bill the best. (And who doesn’t enjoy cheering at their TV screen after their favorite candidate KILLS a question?)

4. Exposes Candidate’s Personalities

Putting these candidates the hot seat also allows us to see their true personalities behind the political advertisements and news interviews. While some candidates will pass with flying colors, others might make us question their true integrity. In either situation, seeing how each candidate reacts to such pressure and how they treat their fellow candidates will say volumes about them. In a world where moral integrity and high character is dwindling, finding a honest and caring presidential hopeful is important.

5. Get Involved!

We are SO excited for these upcoming debates here at FFL, and we have made ways for you to get involved with us. Throughout all the debates, we will be live tweeting with the hashtag #DebateWithFFL, so tweet with us and get your voice out.  We’re even giving away SEVERAL $50 gift cards to the FFL store to the most impactful, creative, or funny tweets we see with the hashtag #DebateWithFFL! As young women, many people won’t expect us to be interested or involved with these upcoming debates, but what’s more fun than proving people wrong? *insert hair flip emoji here* And if you’re too busy to catch the debates, that’s okay! Meet us back here Friday at 12pm EST for our recap of the debate.

Corinne C
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