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1) Her daughters


After a long battle with infertility and a difficult pregnancy she gave both to her fraternal twin daughters Barbara and Jenna in 1981. Her oldest daughter Barbara, attended Yale University Barbara is the CEO and Co-Founder of Global Health Corps a non-profit. The youngest Bush daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, followed in Laura’s footsteps and attended the University of Texas where she was a legacy member of Kappa Alpha Theta earning a degree in English. Jenna wrote a book about her experience with UNICEF and married her husband, Henry Hager, in 2008 they have two daughters Margaret and Poppy. Laura recently said in an interview, “I would say to treasure every moment of being a mother and being with your children, because they grow up so fast. And before you know it, they’re 33.”

2) Education

Laura has a Bachelors from Southern Methodist University in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Texas. She taught as a second grade teacher for two years and worked as a school librarian up until her marriage where she then left to work on her husbands campaign. I personally cannot think of anyone better educating the youth of America!

3) She is down to earth


During parties at the Governor’s Mansion her favorite place was in the backyard with her dogs, she loved cheap mexican food, would shop at Wal-Mart and fly Southwest all while her husband was Governor of Texas. Obviously once she became First Lady many of these things had to change for security reasons but she still as First Lady she stated how she found interviews boring and did not fuss with the fashion and clothes that came with her new position.

4) She has a strong marriage

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Mr. and Mrs. Bush have publicly voiced their different views on a multitude of issues from abortion to marriage equality. Through it all though Laura has said that they respect each others opinions and take the time to listen to each other. They were engaged for only 3 months before they got married but she has said how she knew that she wanted to marry him. Laura said, “George and I have learned one important thing: whatever happens in life, we can handle it.”

5) She’s an author


Laura has not slowed down since her time as First Lady came to an end. She continues to be an activist for education, health care, human rights,  women in Afghanistan, equal pay for women in the United States.  In 2010 she published her memoir, Spoken from the Heart, and in 2010 she was a co-author with her daughter Jenna for a children’s book Read All About It! The two have recently announced that in May 2016 they will debut their second children’s book, Our Great Big Backyard, about the national parks with a portion of the author’s advance going to the National Park Foundation!

Here is to you Mrs. Bush, may you keep being the amazing mother, grandmother, wife and activist you so graciously are!