’Tis the season for the days of phone calling, door knocking, and debates–also known as election season. For many young Republican women, it is a time for debating liberals and social justice warriors on Twitter, getting heat on Facebook for sharing articles and opinions, and taking selfies with our favorite candidates. More importantly though, working on a campaign opens the door for friendships, grassroots experience, and the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  

Working on a campaign–no matter the size–quickly sharpens your adaptability and communication skills, as well as gives you an opportunity to enhance your network. If you needed any more convincing, here are 5 more reasons to get involved in a campaign this election cycle.

1. You have the chance to see the campaign in the early stages

Here, you will get to see and understand why the candidate is running for office, his or her motivations, and the passion that goes into making this choice. There are many people running who never planned on doing so. Learning about their diverse experiences and backgrounds will show you that those involved in politics do not always come from a typical political background.

2. Interact with the different parts of the community

Between different events and working with other volunteers, you have the chance to interact with people that you otherwise wouldn’t. You will be able to grow your network with the very people that have made your community what it is today. Attending forums, fairs, picnics, and parades will provide opportunities to learn more about the place you call home and maybe even surprise you as you find a new facets of your hometown.

3. Learn how campaigns works

There is a difference between seeing and doing. That holds true with campaigns–there is a big difference between being there and participating and reading about it in the news. There are many different aspects of the campaign process that I didn’t realize until I was actually doing them. Being involved in a grassroots campaign is an eye-opening experience that you have to be in the middle of to appreciate.

4. Meet incredible, motivated people

The people I have met while working on a campaign are some of the most motivated, wonderful, and fun people I have ever met. They love what they do and they are always willing to work hard. Not only have I been able to see these qualities in my peers, but in those older than me. Being surrounded by men and women who are all working diligently to reach a common goal is not only motivating, but inspiring. Hitting the campaign trail can truly give you hope for the future of the country.

5. Gain and refine skills.

It’s without a doubt that communication and teamwork are valuable skills in every aspect of our modern world. Working on a campaign challenges you to redefine how you communicate with others, teaches you to work on a team, and pushes you to think quickly, especially when you are talking and working with others. You will make mistakes, and have to learn new ways, but it will all pay off in the end.

Find a candidate you believe in, and do whatever you can help, you won’t regret it regardless of the outcome of the election!

Bailey L
Bailey is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who enjoys writing, traveling, and coffee. When she isn't working, you can find her with her nose in a book or planning her next adventure.

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