With the primary process in full swing, poorly polling candidates are dropping like flies. Considering the Republican field started off with a whopping seventeen candidates and is now down to only five, many have realized that 2016 is just not their year. There is a high possibility that one of the fallen ones was your favorite candidate, and you are still trying to figure out how to move on without him or her. Many of us have felt this and I’m sure you can relate to the 5 noticeable stages of your candidate’s ultimate demise.

1) Lack of media coverage

Every time you turn on the news, you see the proclaimed “frontrunners” and your candidate is nowhere to be seen. You become overjoyed on the rare occasion that you see him or her on the news, but no one else in the media seems to care too much. You don’t understand because everything your candidate says is spot on.

2) Plummeting poll numbers

You check Real Clear Politics religiously, and your candidate is drawing a flat line in the polls. Everyone else seems to be going on a steady upward path and your guy or gal has deflated. This corresponds directly to the lack of media attention your candidate has received.  

3) Primary results come in

The primary results finally come in and your candidate is not even close to the top three. You start researching exactly how many delegates he has received and you see that the RNC nomination is becoming more and more unrealistic. You are so upset and wish you were on the ground in that state to knock on every door and explain to the people why your candidate is by far the most qualified to become the next commander-in-chief.

4) The announcement

You are enjoying your day and suddenly your phone lights up. You get the notification that you have been dreading and putting off for weeks, “BREAKING NEWS: [enter your candidate’s name] suspends presidential campaign.” You are hit with the harsh reality that your candidate has almost zero chance of becoming the next POTUS and you do not know where to go from here. You realize you should probably take the hashtag out of your Twitter bio that goes a little something like, “#[enter your candidate’s name]2016.” On second thought, no, you’ll keep it there anyway.

5) The aftermath

You are mostly in denial that your candidate is no longer in the running. When people ask you who you’re voting for, you still tell them your candidate and feel genuinely irritated when they laugh at your response. Eventually, after a lot of thought and research, you find an alternative. While you will never support this new candidate as much, you know that he is the next best option for America. You will move on and still support your favorite candidate in whatever he decides to do in the future. While your heart is slightly broken, you see a silver lining and will do whatever it takes to better our great nation’s future.