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It was a little quieter in DC this past week as President Donald Trump went abroad for his first foreign trip since assuming office. In his eight-day trip, he visited five countriesand attended the NATO and G7, formerly known as G8 before Russia invaded the Ukraine. It was a busy eight days. In case you missed it all, or any part of it, here is what you need to know.

Stop 1: Saudi Arabia. President Trump met with King Salman and other figure in the government, signed an $110 billion dollar arms deal, and participated in a ceremonial sword dance. Some of the most talked about moments of this stop were the Trump women – Ivanka and Melania – choosing not to wear headscarves for their visit and the glowing orb pictured below.

Saudi Press Agency

Stop 2: Israel. President Trump became the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall while visiting our allies in Israel, including the President of Israel, Rivlin, and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Ivanka Trump said she was particularly happy to visit the holy sites of Israel as they relate to her faith.


Stop 3: Rome and Vatican City. President Trump met with Pope Francis at the Vatican and the two talked about the concerns of religious communities in crisis regions, such as Christians in Syria, Libya, and territories controlled by ISIS. President Trump also met with the president and prime minister of Italy. This leg of the trip was particularly special for First Lady Melania Trump, who is the first Catholic first lady since Jackie Kennedy. The trip to Rome was also overshadowed on the internet by the video of Melania Trump swatting away Donald Trump’s hand as they exited Air Force One that will make gif-history.

The White House

Stop 4: Belgium for the NATO Leaders Meeting. President Trump met with the Prime Minister and the King of Belgium in Brussels before heading to the NATO Leaders Meeting, where he was also joined by Secretary of Defense James Mattis.  Trump also met with nearly elected French President Emmanuel Macron.  One of the best pictures to come out of this meeting was the picture of all of the spouses of the leaders, including the husband of the Belgium Prime Minister.


Stop 5: The G7 Summit in Siciliy. President Trump met with representatives of Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom for the G7 summit to discuss a wide range of issues from climate change to the world economy to foreign policy. The biggest story out of the G7 was the fact that President Trump did not affirm the US’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change, announcing instead that he would make his final decision within the next week.

Melanie Wenger / AFP

It was a whirl-wind eight days, but Trump’s first official foreign trip as POTUS is over and done with. No doubt we will be covering many more trips to come, but this one will always be special as the first. Make sure you watch the news closely in the coming weeks to see how the talks that Trump had abroad play out on the domestic stage. Will the Senate try to block the arms deal with Saudia Arabia? What will Trump’s final decision on the Paris Agreement be?

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member