Who doesn’t want to be happier? To get more out of the day? To cry less, feel alone less, enjoy the world less? It can be hard to think about happiness sometimes because it’s such an abstract concept. What makes me happy may not make you happy, and vice versa. However, in recent years, a lot of studies have been done on happiness and experts have found a lot of overlap in general happiness trends. With that in mind, I turned to Ted Talks, where talks of happiness abound and it’s easy to devote 5 to 15 minutes to think about one aspect of happiness without losing your mind in the process.

Here are five of the best Ted Talks on happiness you need to watch.

This is what makes employees happy at work

Did you know that only 40% of employees report being happy at work? But work is where we spent at least 20% of our time, usually more. What’s up with that? Why spend time where you’re not happy? And frankly, what can you do to be happier at work or create a happier environment as a boss?

 Want a happier life? Be more compassionate 

You don’t need to meditate or buy a yoga mat or give a million dollars to charity to be happier. You just need to be more compassionate, this Ted Talk argues. How can we use health care research to make ourselves happier at home?

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 How to buy happiness 

“You can’t buy happiness!’ They screech. They always say this, don’t they? But what if…you could? But it doesn’t look like a Maserati or a new house or a chocolate cake.

 7 rules for making more happiness 

I love lists and rules and lists of rules! Can you do things in your life to make yourself happier? You can build these into your schedule and ensure a happier life overtime.

 The habits of happiness 

What habits make people happiest? Is it exercise? Naps? Eating? Meditation? This biochemist turned Buddhist monk tackles the topic.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member