Image Credits: Palm Beach Daily News

I’m sure if you clicked on this article you are just as obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer as the next girl. Lilly Pulitzer speaks volumes of class, elegance, and pure happiness. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be dressed in Lilly. But who was the actual Lilly Pulitzer?

If you have ever been in a Lilly store, you may have seen the story of the woman herself who created an empire out of a simple idea.

“It all started with juice stand…”

So backup, what does Lilly have to do with a juice stand?

Lilly Pulitzer eloped with her husband, Peter Pulitzer in 1959 in Palm Beach. She was a woman who defied the odds when it came to every aspect of her life, and getting married was no exception. Her husband owned a juice stand that she also worked at, defying more social constructs, and in the process of her work, she constantly stained her clothing from the juice. Most normal women of the time would have bought an apron to wear over her clothes. But Lilly? Absolutely not.

She created comfortable, bright, fun clothing to camouflage her juice stains and from there on, the rest is history.

So even though the apparel from Lilly speaks volumes about her as a woman, what can we learn from the life of one of the most brilliant, eccentric woman of all time?

1) “Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about the way you live your life.”

Women in this world are strong, powerful, elegant and graceful. This means so much more than the dress you wear or how high your heels are. People will always remember what you are wearing, however, strive to make them remember you as the amazing person you are instead of just your appearance.

2) “That’s what life is always about. Let’s have a party, let’s have it tonight.”

We only have one life to live. Every second, every day, every hour, every minute counts. Don’t waste a second with should haves or could haves. Put yourself out there and understand that everything happens for a reason.

3) “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”

Sometimes, life throws us curve balls. The best medicine to deal with the ups and downs is to throw on your favorite Lilly dress, walk outside, and embrace the beautiful life that we have the chance to live. Ladies, the world is at your feet, anything is possible.

4) “Stay classy.”

We all have a person, idea, or thing that really throws us for a loop sometimes. Whether it’s an ex, an intolerant professor, or even senseless twitter fights. But always remember to keep calm, take a deep breath, and always stay classy.

5) “Always where your invisible crown.”

Being politically active sometimes means that you will be knocked down- more times than anyone should have to be. However, always remember you are enough, you are beautiful, and you do matter.  Adjust your crown and remember whose boss.

We all love our Lilly for the feeling of flawless elegance and preppiness that comes from simply wearing it around. However, understand now that the woman behind it all exemplifies so much more than just a pretty dress. And always remember…

“Lilly girls are always full of surprises, live everyday like it’s a celebration, never have dull moments, and live every hour like its happy hour.”

Abby D
Abby is a cabinet member at FFL. She is a junior at The Ohio State University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy and Economics. She hopes to become an attorney someday and plans to stay involved in politics. When she isn’t working at the Ohio House of Representatives, you can catch her wearing Lilly Pulitzer, reading a book on Reagan, or watching Fox News.