I tend to constantly realize what I need in my dorm that I always just had around the house before I went to school. Tape measures, calendars, and the like were all at easy access, but now, not so much. Here are the top five things that you should have in your dorm room to make your life a little easier (and cleaner.)

1) An Iron and Ironing Board, $25


It does not have to be a big or fancy one. A handheld iron steamer is perfect. It does not take up too much space, and you will find yourself needing it a lot more often than you thought. I finally got one in October of my sophomore year at college because I was tired of wrinkly clothes that couldn’t be fixed even if I let them hang near the shower. I found myself going to a lot of business professional or business casual events, and my dress or blouse was always wrinkled. I would try to get the wrinkles out, but they were, in my mind, basically permanent. I finally got an iron, and it was the best decision I made. This is the one I got, and it works great. Also, use this chart for reference.

2) Stain Remover, $10


This is a huge one. Honestly, I am such a mess sometimes. I could literally get a small bit of foundation my favorite dress, and I would make the stain worse every time. Finally, I actually got stain remover. This stain remover has actually saved my life, and it is so simple to use. Even when I am forgetful after putting stain remover on, it can soak for up to a week if needed, so I can wash the clothing item when it is convenient for me and I have time. Putting it on the stain as soon as possible is what saves me every time. It also can get out the toughest stains, like oil or grease. Finally, I don’t need to take my clothes to the dry cleaner or home every time I stain something.

3) A Mini Vacuum, $50


You would not believe how many times I spilled popcorn all over my floor or the amount of times donut crumbs would basically cover the floor. I know most RA’s probably have a vacuum, but it is a whole process to get access to them. Sometimes, you just want to vacuum as soon as the mess occurs. Finally, I realized that my room needed to be vacuumed more often than not. I decided to get a mini vacuum, and it has worked wonders. Vacuuming is actually relaxing to me, and it is super easy to do. I no longer have to wait two days before getting a vacuum on my hands for a 30-minute time frame.

4) Glass Cleaner, $8


I did not have glass cleaner my entire freshman year. When I moved back to college for sophomore year, it was one of the first things I picked up. Is that full-length mirror you have in your dorm all dusty and stained with makeup or markers alike? I just got used to that, until one day, I was trying to clearly see my outfit, and it was next to impossible. I made it a priority to get glass cleaner for when I moved back in to school. It makes everything so much cleaner, especially my small vanity mirror that ends up with mascara and eye shadow on it. Truly, it was one of the simplest, yet greatest purchases I have made.

5) Business Cards, $20+ and a Business Card holder, $7


I was attending events, and people would hand me their business cards, and I would just stuff them in my purse, and I didn’t have one to return. I eventually fixed that problem and ordered myself business cards. Without a business card, I felt young and inexperienced. That quickly changed. I have a business card holder in my purse for my business cards, and a business card organizer in my dorm where I put other people’s business cards when I get back from an event. Learn from me, you do not want to lose those business cards. You never know how much networking matters, even just sending a quick email to say “Thanks for meeting with me!” or “It was a pleasure to meet you.” goes a long way. A great starting point for affordable business cards is Zazzle

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Maggie B
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