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Following the outcome of Tuesday night’s election, thousands have taken the streets in protest against President-Elect Trump. Individuals partaking in the protests have shouted that Trump is “Not My President”, declaring their distaste for the soon to be 45th president. Protesters have also expressed worries about women’s reproductive rights and the deportation of illegal immigrants. As the protesting and contentment against President-Elect Trump increase, one cannot help but notice the irony within the cause.

1) Many anti-Trump protesters have called for a “revolution” against the government, especially a Trump-led government. However, did these individuals not vote for big government by supporting Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? If these protesters are against obtrusive government influence, perhaps they are identifying on the wrong side of the political spectrum.

2) During the general election, the Clinton campaign coined the phrase, love Trumps hate in response to Trump’s remarks that many found to be quite hateful. However, many of the individuals who paraded the phrase “love Trumps hate” can now be found in the streets throwing projectiles at police, vandalizing businesses, and smashing car windows. Police in Portland, Oregon labeled one protest as a riot, crediting extensive criminal and dangerous behavior.” How much “love” is involved in a protest that causes more than one million dollars in damage and puts citizen’s lives at risk?

3) During the general election, there was speculation that Donald Trump would be unwilling to accept the results of the election. The president-elect was critiqued for this by, perhaps, the very people who stood outside of the White House protesting his win. It is recognized that the First Amendment protects the right to protest, but paired with the hashtag initiative “#NotMyPresident”, it is easy to see who the people unwilling to accept the results of the election actually turned out to be. Additionally, liberals are now calling for the Electoral College to be abolished, following Trump’s victory by 62 electoral votes, but loss of the popular vote.  Beyond unwilling to accept election results, we see Clinton supporters calling to amend the U.S. Constitution in response to the election.

4) In Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, she made a call for unity and urged her supporters to give Donald Trump a chance, saying, But I still believe in America, and I always will. And if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power.” Despite all this, it is clear that her supporters are ignoring her calls for peace and indivisibility during this tumultuous time.

5) Liberal pundits, most notably Sally Kohn, warned that if Hillary Clinton won, Trump supporters would be mad and cause unrest, but if Trump won, Hillary supporters would simply be “sad.” Judging off of insane protests and angry social media posts, it is fair to say that Hillary Clinton supporters are more than just “sad” following the results of the election.

The anti-Trump protests have proved to not only be unproductive and destructive, but ironic as they go against the very teachings of the Clinton campaign and American Left. An example of Leftist hypocrisy, it is time for these protesters to take a different route.  One that does not include violence, unlawful assembly, or any of the other unproductive measures we are seeing take place now.  

Alana B
FFL Contributor
Alana is an undergraduate student at Washington State University studying communications. She aspires to work in either journalism or communications and aims to empower young women to feel confident in sharing their political views. Her favorite things include Jesus, capitalism, politics, yoga, and traveling.

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