If someone would have told me six months ago, that I would be in a long distance relationship, I would have laughed and told them no. I most likely would have laughed at the idea of me being in a relationship at all, but things change and scenarios I never would have pictured happened in my life.

As you can probably tell, I am in a long distance relationship. What a surprise it was to me as I saw this relationship grow and progress into something that couldnt be suppressed by distance. It required a great leap of faith, but I couldnt be happier. Being seven hours away from my boyfriend isnt the easiest.  Im learning a lot and growing in a lot of ways. These are just a few things Ive learned from this journey. 

1) Trust

This one can go without saying.  Long distance relationships require a lot of trust, honesty, and overall just being a good person. Trust is the foundation for all relationships.  In long distance relationships, trust is the foundation and a lot more. Ive always been hesitant to trust people, so Ive had to learn how to really allow myself to in the past couple of months.

2) Patience

Ive always called myself the least patient person in the world.  To now recognize myself as patient is a little strange, but Ive learned to be. There are times where we go a month or two without seeing each other.  It necessitates me waiting out those long time periods, patiently, until we get to see each other again.

3) To be a Great Communicator

Communication is everything.  Clear communication is so important. Dont be afraid to say what you want, what you feel comfortable with, or if a certain action is bothering you. A healthy relationship requires knowing how the other feels about various actions and topics.

4) To Still Accomplish All of My Goals

This just goes for all relationships. Ive seen a lot of girls change what they want to do as a career just for their relationship, which breaks my heart. Be with someone who supports you and wants you to do the very best in whatever field you decide to go to. Dont pick a career with a schedule that works around his. As Christina Yang once said… Hes not the sun, you are.

5) To Be Involved and Have a Busy Schedule

Ive always been super involved and typically take on almost more than I can handle. Every day, Im working on bettering myself, which in turn, makes me a better, more well rounded person.  I feel like I can contribute more to the relationship I am in.

Long distance relationships can be scary and intimidating, but are so worth it, just as any relationship is with the right person. It can be difficult, but also a lot of fun. You get to meet new people, explore new areas, and grow. Even if it doesnt work out the way you planned, mark it down with other lessons learned and continue being the best you possible.

Sarah G