Dating can already be extremely messy and frustrating. What could possibly make it any more complicated? You guessed it, dating someone you work with. It is already a tricky business to maneuver your personal life. Dating someone who also works in this field can make that even more difficult.

  1. Workplace policies:

Just like with any workplace, there may be policies prohibiting dating a co-worker. If you happen to be romantically involved with someone who works at the same office, the best course of action is the check with your Human Resources department as soon as possible to make sure you aren’t breaking any policies that could cause you to lose your job. It is normally the best course of action to just keep your supervisors in the loop so nothing gets awkward later.

  1. People may assume that you attained success because of your significant other:

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say that I got where I am today because of my boyfriend who also happens to work in the same field, and it couldn’t be more false. If people start to make similar claims for your success, just try to remember that what other people assume is not important. If anything, it has made your success that much harder to attain, because you have to make your own waves.

  1. Try to keep your professional life and relationship separate:

There may come a time when you will have to work with your significant other on a task or project. Try your best to remain professional around them. Make sure you are doing your job to your greatest ability. Working with your partner is possible if you work at keeping a professional demeanor. Yes, it will feel a little funny when you are so used to acting like a couple most of the time you are together, but after you adjust to the changes, it will be easier for you to work independently but side by side.

  1. Don’t let work issues interfere with your relationship:

Let’s say that you and your partner are working on rival campaigns or rival companies. Don’t let that competition ruin the relationship you share. Try to keep in mind that you are both working in an amazing career field and that you are lucky to have found someone that has the same interests and career goals as yourself.

  1. Don’t swear off dating in your career field:

Some people will vow at the very beginning of their professional lives that they will never date someone in the same career field as them. This may have to be the case for some, but for others it can work. Some people may not be able to handle a relationship with someone who is constantly traveling and taking their work home with them, but someone who also works in the same career field will understand this way of life.

Rachel N.
Rachel is from Columbus, Ohio where she is a public liaison to the Ohio Governor. She's a lover of Pomeranians, America, and all things chambray. One of her proudest moments was surviving a year at a liberal arts college.

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