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The Trump administration’s recent shakeup is finally settling down. President Trump named Hope Hicks, a longtime member of his team, as the interim communications director in mid August, replacing Anthony Scaramucci, who was in the role for less than two weeks. Today, we learned she will be the permanent communications director. While Hope Hicks isn’t a new face to those of us who have been watching behind the scenes of the Trump team, she isn’t as well-known as many other faces of his administration. Since she looks like she’ll be around for a little longer than Scaramucci, we thought it was only appropriate to give you the run down on Hope Hicks. Here is what you need to know about the 28-year-old who’s going to be talked about a lot this week.  

1) Her role on Trump’s campaign

Hope Hicks served as Trump’s campaign press secretary. She even lived in a Trump apartment in New York City during the campaign, giving her all to her job.  Hicks has been praised for being a hard-worker and very resilient, which will serve her well working for a president like Trump. Though you might not have heard her name much, Hicks has actually been one of Donald Trump’s longest serving aides. She’s been with Trump since January of 2015. This was before the campaign even officially started. She’s been handling communications ever since.

2) Her upbringing

Hicks was born in Greenwich, Connecticut to a well-off family with a background in communications. Her father was a public relations professional and even served as the NFL’s executive vice president of communications. For college, she attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where she played club lacrosse for four years. She has at least one sister, whom she lived with after college, Mary Grace.

3) Her life before Trump

Before she became a part of the Trump Team, Hicks worked for a couple different public relations firms, the latter of which got her involved with the Trump Foundation. She was brought in-house to the Trump business in 2014. Hicks worked closely with Ivanka Trump, even modeling for her growing fashion company.

4) Her political experience

Before beginning to work on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign as his press secretary, she had zero political experience. She’d never even volunteered on a political campaign. She knew she was a Republican, but she wasn’t involved. Instead, she was focusing on her burgeoning career in public relations.  Trump defended her lack of political experience in an interview with GQ, saying She was able to build political experience quickly. She was very natural. She was very natural when it comes to picking it up, and a lot of people can’t pick it up, because it’s so fast-moving”

5) Her modeling career

While I have no doubt that Hope Hicks is qualified for her career in the White House, it would be an affront to my teenage self not to harken back to Hope Hick’s tenure as a model who appeared most prominently on the cover of a Gossip Girl spin-off novel, The It Girl. This first book in the ten-book series documented Jenny Humphrey’s arrival at her new boarding school, which she attends after being kicked out of Constance Billard in a world totally different from the one that played out on screen in the TV show.  Hope Hick’s brooding face was on the 2005 cover. She was wearing a dress from Urban Outfitters and earrings from H&M. Those were simpler times.

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