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Fear not ladies, Megyn Kelly is soon coming back to a television near you on a regular basis. Since she famously left Fox News earlier this year, she’s been featured on a couple shows and done a few prominent interviews, but she hasn’t been available to watch on a regular schedule. All of that is changing on Monday, September 25th, when she takes over her own hour on the Today Show. Here’s what you need to know.

When and where to watch

The 46-year-old journalist will be hosting Megyn Kelly Today at 9AM on NBC every weekday. It will be taking over the third hour of the Today show that used to be filled by Today’s Take. According to sources, the show will also feature a live audience and “Oprah-like extravaganza.”

The promo

NBC has been hyping up this new show and trying to sell their viewers on Megyn Kelly, who is obviously more well known to Fox News audiences than the general public. Check out the promo they aired in mid-September, almost two weeks before the premier of the show.

She’s trying to be more relatable

Megyn Kelly got quite a reputation for being a Fox News anchor and her national fight with Donald Trump. NBC is trying to soften her up and make her more palatable as a morning show host. Her Sunday night interview show did worse than expected this summer and was prematurely cancelled, so they have a lot riding on her new show. Part of the campaign to make her more relatable has been playing out in articles about why she chose to leave Fox News and homespun insight into her everyday life outside of journalism. 

What to expect

Don’t expect more interviews with Donald Trump. Instead, expect morning-show type features that will make you feel a little bit better about the world and not further divide the nation. As a media researcher told Variety, Kelly is known as the smart and aggressive news interviewer and now she is going to be trying to appeal to a different kind of audience in a calmer, more featurish setting.” A senior producer at NBC described the show as such: “This is going to be where people can connect, where they can have a conversation.”

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What she’s making

It is rumored that NBC is paying Megyn Kelly $17 million a year. In comparison, Anderson Coper is estimated to make around $11 million a year. Robin Roberts made around $14 million a year on Good Morning America. Kelly Ripa makes nearly $20 million a year to host Live! There are many reasons that Kelly chose to leave Fox News for NBC, but we can’t help thinking that the money didn’t hurt.

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