We’ve all see the super ambitious morning routines on Pinterest. They go something like this: Wake up, drink a full warm glass of water (don’t forget about the lemon), then do some journaling, then workout for an hour, then shower, then meditate, then drink more water, then prepare a full breakfast with perfect calorie, protein, and fiber amounts, etc.

The truth is, everyone’s morning routine is different. There is no rule book. What’s important is establishing a morning routine that jives with your goals, lifestyle, and attitude. Here a few of the top suggestions for creating a morning routine that’s right for you.

1) Decide what works for you

Look at what your mornings currently look like and see what isn’t working. If you want to look at Twitter or your email, just do it! It’s often noted to ignore all social media and emails first thing in the morning, but if it works for you, do it. It is your morning routine, so it has to fit YOU.

2) Eat something

No, you don’t have to have a green smoothie, or Pinterest worthy overnight oats, but having something healthy to start your day off is a must. Breakfast is  the most important meal of the day. When you pack your lunch the night before, it does two things: it prevents scrambling in the morning for your lunch and it allows for more time to make breakfast.

3) Lay your clothes out before bed

Whether you are in college or a working woman, this is advice that you should take sooner rather than later. Laying out your clothes the night before ensures being organized and looking put together. This will help you be at your best and feel confident throughout the day

4) Take some time to plan out your day

Try taking some time in the mornings to write down a realistic list of things to complete for the day. They don’t have to be crazy things like taking over the world, but just having things that you can check off and feel excited about finishing. When you take the time to plan out what your day will look like, you can also find time to incorporate things like breaks or time to tackle those bigger projects.

5) Take care of yourself

This looks different for different people. Some people like to pray in the morning and do a bible study, some like to work out for 45 minutes, others like to meditate or journal. Self-care needs to be a priority, whatever that looks like.

The most crucial part of a morning routine is that it works for you, for your mind, and for your body. Consistency is key to a successful routine. Don’t just give up if you sleep in the first few days or don’t remember to pack your lunch the night before. You shouldn’t feel stressed out by your morning routine, but instead change it to fit your lifestyle.

Kelci W