1. We never miss an opportunity to discuss politics


A lot of people are opposed to discussing controversial subjects among friends and family. They say you are not supposed to bring up politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. However, us political junkies think very differently. Do not be surprised when on the first date, we ask whom you will be voting for in 2016. We crave hearing different viewpoints and discussing the current issues. Talking politics can be a very eye-opening and rewarding experience. If there is ever an opportunity to engage in a political conversation, you bet we will take it.


2. We might get a little too excited for the debates or political events


When a political event is on, we HAVE to watch it. To us, political events are like an NFL playoff game and each election season is like the Super Bowl. Watching the State of the Union, debates, etc. are a non-negotiable and you won’t be able to bribe us to do anything else. You might as well sit down and watch it with us. Also, be prepared to listen to us yell “YASSSS!” every time we hear something we agree with or go off on a rant each time something ridiculous is said.


3. Speaking of debates, if we disagree on an issue, be prepared to defend your views

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Debating those hot-button issues is what we live for. Got a different stance on abortion? Let’s hear it. Gun control? Bring it on. We are welcome to having a civil debate anytime… just get ready to lose. Us political junkies know our facts as well as the arguments of the other side.

4. Reading the news is one of our favorite hobbies

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Keeping up with current events is part of our daily routine. It is our time to sit back, relax, and read about the new bill that the Senate is trying to pass. Reading the news can teach us about society and even a thing or two about ourselves. When we form opinions on what is happening in the world, we are shaping who we are as a person.


5. We are truly passionate about our involvement in politics


Us political junkies love politics because we understand the impact that it has on our lives. As many Americans are upset with our government, we feel it is important to fight for the policies that we believe will improve our great nation. We involve ourselves in politics by working for political campaigns, being active club members, and doing volunteer work in order to do all that we can to make the world a better place.