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Happy April Fools’ Day! We hope you’re avoiding all those tricky pranks (or dominating if that’s your thing) and the crossfire of battling friends. Whether you’re pranking or dodging, April Fool’s day is always a good time of the year to reflect on all the things we wish were a sick prank. While this list is not going to change, one can dream, right?

1. Donald Trump

Okay but actually, Donald Trump has turned the GOP’s world upside down since the day he entered this race. Trump has dominated every news cycle for the past nine months and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. The media is obsessed with him–almost as obsessed as the Democrats are. Liberals love the idea of Trump and they’re hoping he’s going to rip the Republican Party apart. Trump quickly became the face of the GOP and the characterization that every liberal jumps to when you say you’re a Republican. 

2. Our Favorite Candidates Dropping Out

We started this thing with 17 eager candidates, all dreaming of the White House. With only three candidates left, it’s hard to believe we’re actually that close to having a nominee. I’m sure you had that one candidate–the one you believed in, volunteered for, and supported until the end. Whether you loved Rand, Fiorina, Rubio, Carson, Bush, or any of the candidates that are no longer running, this April Fool’s day, all you want is to hear an “April Fools, I’m going to be president” from your favorite candidate. We all went through the stages of heartbreak and most of us are still in the denial phase, so nothing would be a better April Fools than hearing our candidate was actually joking about dropping out.  

3. Quite a Few Millennials Actually Feel the Bern

As many of us are in college or spend our days surrounded by millennials, we run into the Bernie crowd at least once a day. Every time we find ourselves in a heated debate with a Bernie supporter, we can’t help but to be amazed at the things they believe. It’s honestly insane just how radical Bernie supporters can be. This April Fools’ Day, we’d give anything to hear our peers say “April Fools, we know Bernie is certifiably insane.”  

4. The Idea That People Will Vote for Hillary Because She’s a Woman

“Why are you voting for Hillary?” “I think it would be cool to have a woman president.” This exchange happens far more often than we can bear to admit. We always wait for the punch line, the just kidding, the April Fools…but it never comes. The number of low information voters is growing by the day and it’s incredibly disheartening. Hillary is not a champion of women and she’s not qualified because of her gender. We desperately want nothing more than to hear that voters are actually informing themselves, watching debates, and voting based on qualities other than gender.

5. The Overly Sensitive

In the past year, the idea of a “safe space” has grown exponentially, especially on college campuses. The belief that we should tiptoe around emotions and give up our rights to speak freely as a way to protect the feelings of others is unfortunately spreading. Feminists are no better as they strut around demanding favoritism and handouts from anyone and everyone who will listen. Everything is offensive, sexist, racist, or insensitive these days and we’re fed up. This April Fools’ Day, we’d love to hear “April Fools” from all of the people who have spent the past year insinuating that their feelings are more important that everyone else’s.

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