All of us young women involved in the political arena tend to sit back and admire the Megyn Kelly’s of the world. We wonder how they got there and how we can potentially do the same. The world of politics can be cutthroat and harsh, but there are ways to stand out among the crowd that can propel you to success. While I am by no means the cover  girl for a “successful woman in politics” campaign, I have heard the stories of the fearless women before me and have mustered up some crucial tips from my own personal experience that will help you get ahead of the game when it comes to politics.

1) Get involved


Maybe I sound like your high school guidance counselor, but I cannot stress how important it is to get involved in different political organizations. This is how you make connections and meet people that can drastically change your life. Getting ahead in the world of politics often comes from who you know, not what you know. While sheer intellect can definitely launch a prosperous political career, getting noticed by someone with the resources to put you on a significant platform and give you new opportunities will immensely aid your career. The most difficult part about getting involved can be figuring out how to do so. The best ways to get involved are to do political internships, get involved in a campaign, and sign up for the email lists of prominent conservative organizations. Giving these organizations your contact info allows them to contact you about exciting events they may be hosting and other great opportunities. A great way to start is by joining the FFL mailing list!

2) Take advantage of social media

The world of politics has a huge presence on social media. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, there are a plethora of accounts dedicated to purely politics. Even prominent politicians use social media to get their message across to a massive amount of constituents. Making a Twitter account dedicated to politics can help you get your foot in the water and better understand the political arena. You can follow like-minded people and organizations, as well as gain followers and try to make a name for yourself. I found out about FFL on Twitter, and it has completely changed my life! Too scared to put your name on an account full of opinions that are not always welcomed with open arms? Then make an anonymous account. This will still help you delve into politics and discover new people and organizations without people knowing who you are. If you do decide to make one of those accounts, though, it is important to stay classy and understand that just because you are “anonymous” does not mean that no one can ever figure out who you are. Always conduct yourself in an appropriate manner on social media, as this will help your image and attract more people to your account.

3) Find a mentor


There are so many young and bright conservative women on Twitter and other social media platforms that are willing to mentor you. Find some of your favorite accounts and do not be afraid to reach out those people and ask for help! Remember, they started off with zero influence and worked extremely hard to garner the presence that they have today. Do not be afraid to ask for advice or help in starting up your political journey on social media.

4) Utilize the connections you make


When you are finally at a point in your political career where you have the contact information of some influential people, reach out to them with an impressive resume and express your career desires. Be as specific as possible, but do not be too pushy. Make sure that you give them space because they will be the one doing you a favor, not the other way around! It is also crucial to make sure they know you are not simply using them. Be sure to always thank them and express gratitude in any way you can. Also, follow up after and see how they are doing after the fact. It is important that they know you are sincere.

5) Work hard

There truly is no substitute for hard work. You can have an address book full of CEOs and millionaires, but if you are not willing to put in hard work and effort, no one will waste their time and effort by investing in you. Show others that you have a passion and drive unlike any other. Work hard on everything you do, from social media to blog posts to internship positions. Even if you are doing something that may not seem too important or significant, give it your all and people will notice. Build diligence into your DNA, because you never know who is watching.

The world of politics can be intimidating. It can seem impossible to stand out amongst the crowd. Trust me, I’ve been there! While you may not turn into the next big thing overnight, if you take these tips to heart, it can change your life and propel you to an affluent and exciting political career.

Alexa A
Managing Editor
Alexa is a managing editor of FFL. She is addicted to country music, online shopping, and politics. She is passionate about the young conservative movement and hopes to inspire other young women to get involved and change the world.

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