Image Credits: White House

1. When looking for a new candidate to support, take a look at the remaining options and choose a candidate who is the most similar to your previous candidate. Look for someone who shares similar views on issues that were most important to your previous choice, whether that be the economy, national security, or the multitude of social issues that are dominating our political landscape today.

2. Many people often choose a candidate based on which views fall the most closely in line with their own. For instance, you may feel very strongly about combating international terror and taking on radical groups like ISIS. Finding a candidate who also feels strongly about eliminating these groups may be the right choice for you because you can be certain that this issue will be a top priority for your candidate should he or she take office.

3. When selecting a new candidate, there may be a number of issues that you feel strongly about that you also want your candidate to be passionate about. However, it is important to keep an open mind when deciding who should be our next Commander in Chief. It is essential to find a candidate who not only shares your similar views, but also opens you up to new ideas and concepts that you may not have previously thought to be of importance. While focusing on one or two particular issues, you may be unaware of a multitude of other issues that are also affecting our country today. Finding a candidate who provides a blending of the two is imperative when choosing a potential president.

4. It is practically inevitable that one day your favorite candidate will drop out of the race *sigh,* but that does not mean that you cannot continue to follow their message and what they stood for. One way of doing this may be to look toward whichever candidate your previous pick has recently endorsed. This may provide a clearer picture on where the remaining candidates stand on issues and their relationships with ex-presidential hopefuls. For example, both Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush were once presidential candidates for the Republican nomination. Today, both are out of the race and are campaigning for Senator Ted Cruz. Both Graham and Bush supporters may now support Cruz because their previous candidate has now aligned themselves with the Texas Senator.

5. When selecting a new candidate, it is important to remember to vote with your heart and conscience, and to choose someone who you feel would be the right fit for the White House. It is imperative to not follow the crowd and to listen to your own voice when deciding who should be our next president. Unfortunately, not everyone will get the opportunity to see their number one pick sworn into office this coming January. It is important to remember that as young conservatives, we have the power to change Washington and the ability to build ourselves a better future.