Anyone out there planning on attending Turning Point USA’s 2018 Young Women’s Leadership Summit? If not, you should be. Each summer, TPUSA hosts a massive gathering of passionate young women in Dallas, Texas aimed at bringing conservative women together to further the conservative movement. Prior speakers have included Carly Fiorina, Lara Trump, Wayne LaPierre, Tomi Lahren, Ben Shapiro, and more! This year’s lineup includes Kimberly Corban, Candance Owens, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Allie Stuckey, and Dana Loesch. There will be more speakers announced soon too! There’s still limited time to apply. Click here to learn more & apply. 

1) Wardrobe is everything

Although attire for the official sessions of the conference is business casual, there will be plenty of opportunities to show off your everyday conservative style. From breakfast to dinner to the NRA pajama party, attendees have worn some pretty amazing ensembles and hilarious t-shirts. FFL will have a pop-up store at the conference, but stock up on your favorite styles before YWLS to make sure you get your size, as they sell out very quickly at the booth. 

2) Get a card, give a card

One of the best ideas I took away from YWLS 2017 was handing out personal business cards. Many of the attendees took it upon themselves to create fun, catchy business cards with their name, phone number/email, social media, and bullet points for a 10-second resume to pass around. This was a great networking tool, as you may hand these cards to anyone from future BFF’s to future employers. Try designing one on Canva and printing at your local UPS store.

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3) “Covfefe” run

There is a Starbucks in the lobby of the hotel, but if you wait too long to get breakfast, you can kiss those caffeine dreams goodbye thanks to long lines. Wake up around 6:30 and trudge down to the lobby to get your coffee fix in your pajamas before heading back upstairs to get ready for the day! Your attitude will thank you.

4) The mad dash for seats

If you want the best seats, you’re gonna have to wait for them. Some girls waited outside the ballroom for 2+ hours before hearing from some of YWLS’ biggest speakers like Ben Shapiro and Carly Fiorina. Plan on camping out, coffee’s in hand, at least an hour early if you want the first few rows of seats to be yours. Bring a good book or watch some PragerU videos while you’re waiting.

5) Facebook group promos/giveaways

There is a Facebook group that you will be invited to join after you have been accepted to the conference. This is a great avenue to network, meet other attendees, and best of all, be in the know about giveaways, VIP meetups, and more! Maybe it’s a special meet-and-greet with Carly Fiorina, or an opportunity to be on camera for Turning Point News. No matter what, if you check the Facebook group daily, you’ll be in the loop!

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Isabel B
Isabel is a Cabinet Member from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is a proud CSU Ram. Next fall, Isabel will be attending Georgetown University to pursue her master's degree. She dreams of one day serving as the US President. She loves all things small government and second amendment, and is also a Turning Point USA Campus Coordinator and a proud member of PragerFORCE.