With another school year here, there is so much to look forward to. Many of us will be reuniting with old friends, taking new classes, and maybe even moving into college for the first time this fall. While these events can be exciting, it can also be challenging for conservative students who struggle to find their voices on campus. Here are five tips on how to express your true conservative self and have the best school year possible:

  1. Clubs, clubs, and more clubs

Conservative clubs on campus are the best of both worlds. Not only do clubs allow you to become more involved on campus, but they allow you to meet new people,  These people often share the same beliefs as you. For me, this was a major sigh of relief, especially being on such a liberal campus. Also, if you’re a little shy and tend to hold back at the first couple of meetings, that’s okay too! Just being in the mere presence of other conservatives and hearing their opinions is a great feeling and will allow you to feel more at home. Many schools have College Republicans, Young Republicans, Turning Point USA, Leadership Institute, or Young Americans for Freedom. While these are some of the more popular clubs, be on the lookout for other political clubs on your campus that promote conservatism.

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, especially around your friends

One of my biggest fears during the beginning of my freshman year of college was talking about politics around my new friends. Were they Democrats? Did they like Hillary Clinton? Did they even follow politics? While I initially kept my thoughts to myself, I soon realized that if they didn’t like me for the politics-obsessed person I am, then they weren’t worth my time or friendship. Politics is something that is one of my passions.  True friends would not abandon you because of your passion.  True friends would not abandon you because of your political views. If politics is what you’re passionate about, share that passion with your friends – who knows, they might even start watching the news and following politics because of you. Do not think you are too small to make a difference on your campus.

  1. Write that paper

We’ve all had that one liberal professor. The one who makes you feel like you are some sort of rare Republican unicorn in his or her class. However, if you don’t agree with something your professor is teaching or asking you to write about, the worst thing you could do is pretend to agree. Even if you may think you’ll secure an “A” in the class by playing it safe, try challenging your professor in a respectful manner. Write a paper that conveys your side of the argument, and support your ideas with plenty of facts. While your professor may not agree with you in the end, he or she will most likely respect your opinion and be impressed that you are presenting an alternate viewpoint in an educated way. 

  1. Volunteer for a campaign

What better way to experience the exhilaration of an election than by volunteering for a campaign? Taking part in the electoral process will not only give you hands on experience, but will allow you to make a difference in your community. Although many millennials are scrambling to volunteer for the presidential candidate of their choice this fall, don’t be discouraged from volunteering for candidates running for local positions state. You can even have a little fun with campaigning by getting some of your closest friends or fellow club members to volunteer together.

  1. Decorate your dorm room– conservative style

This is one of my favorite ways to express my inner conservative. With elephants being all the rage right now, you can take advantage by incorporating elephants with pillows, comforter, wall prints, etc. 

Whatever happens, always stay true to yourself and keep spreading conservatism on campus… and don’t forget to wear your FFL around campus.  Shop here.  

Haley F
Chances are I'm either watching Fox News or daydreaming about Disney with a jar of Nutella in hand.

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