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If you are anything like me, making lists of everything you need to do is a necessity. It keeps my mind organized and I’m more likely to do it when it’s in writing just waiting to be crossed off! But sometimes even something as simple as a to-do list needs a makeover. Here are five tips to perfect your to-do list.

1) Use A Template

Using a template to create your to-do list allows you to be more organized. Add some color and make it pretty enough to sit out on your desk. You can find 20 different printables for FREE(!) here. My personal favorites are ones that have different boxes for different tasks, such as a top three, social media, water consumption, etc. Thanks to the wonderful world of internet and creative people, there is bound to be a template out there for you!

2) Color Code

I live by my sharpie pens. I buy every different color I can find, then I assign each color a different aspect of my life, whether it be school, work, church, working out, or organizations. This allows me to look down my to-do list and pick out tasks for all these different sectors of my day-to-day life. It also makes prioritizing much easier.

3) Make Your Tasks Clear, Concise, And DO-able

Writing vague and non-descriptive tasks such as “work on paper” won’t motivate you to do anything. By putting concrete tasks on your list such as “finish opening paragraph”, you allow yourself to see a concrete end goal that is much easier to obtain, thus motivating you to cross the task off your list that much earlier! So before putting a big task as one large checkbox, try to break it up into smaller, concise, and clear tasks that are just begging you to check them off.

4) Put It In Order

Prioritization is your friend! Try to put your tasks in order that you want to get them accomplished. This will save you time of scanning through your list to find the best item to tackle next, as well as reminding you of your “Top Three” every time you glance at your list, because they’ll be right at the top!

5) Keep It Updated

Finally, update your list. Every couple of days, analyze what went well, what you’re not motivated to do, and what needs to happen next. Then, plan accordingly. Break apart those items that are unexciting to you, and prioritize the next most important items for the top of your next list. By keeping your list updated, you allow yourself to be the most productive you possibly can be.

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