Are you finding yourself so busy that you have no time to just relax? In today’s busy world, it seems like there’s just not enough time to enjoy some “me-time” in the middle of our schedules. Between work, a social life, school, family, sleep, church, etc, our days fill up pretty quickly. If you can relate to this, here are some small things that you can add to your everyday routine to get your “me-time” in throughout the day.

Enjoy your morning commute.

Maybe you have a 45 minute drive to work, and maybe it’s a 5 minute walk. Or, maybe you use public transportation every day to get there. Regardless of how you spend your time traveling to your job, you can use that time to your advantage — both to and from work. Listen to your favorite artist’s newest album that you haven’t had time to check out, listen to the newest episode of your favorite podcast, read a book (if on public transportation), or listen to an audiobook in your car. You can even download Netflix episodes to watch if taking public transportation. A work commute, especially longer ones, are the perfect time to catch up on music, books, and shows.

Take 10-15 minutes to do something you enjoy in the morning.

Do you really need that extra 10 minutes of sleep? I know,  sometimes it sure does feel like it. But, you can take advantage of those 10-15 minutes while awake instead. If you usually grab breakfast on the go, you can take 10-15 minutes to make something quick and eat breakfast at home. You can take a little bit of time to read your Bible or a devotional. You can meditate during that time. The possibilities are endless. It can be the perfect jump start to your day.

Take a bath to relax at the end of the day.

A hot bath can be the most relaxing way to end your day. You can even use a bath bomb or bubble bar to make it even more relaxing. Spend your time in the bath watching your favorite show or reading a book – multi-tasking, but still getting your “me-time” in.

Take advantage of your lunch break.

Many people work through their lunch break simply because they feel like they have too much to do. While that may be true, and it’s perfectly okay to do that if you want to, try to take at least one day a week to take advantage of your lunch break. It’s there for a reason. Take half an hour to an hour in the middle of the work day to clock out for a nice lunch – if your employer allows one. This is especially helpful during a stressful day. It gives you some much needed time to take a breather from your workload and relax.

If possible, take a 10 minute walk during the work day.

There are many employers out there that don’t mind if you take 10 minutes out of your day to walk around the block. If they don’t want you to do it on the clock, check and see if it’s okay for you to clock out for 10 minutes during the day every once in a while to take a quick walk. This is a great idea if you work through your lunch break. You can take a small break and unwind with a 10 minute walk, without having to clock out for a 30 minute or half hour lunch. This also gets some exercise in, so it’s a double-win.

Jessica M
FFL Contributor
Jessica is a student at Shippensburg University pursuing a bachelor’s in Public Relations. She is a lover of all things pink & sparkly, going to church every Sunday morning, puppies & pigs, and Netflix binges. She is fiercely patriotic and hopes to have another president like Ronald Reagan. She has a southern state of mind and plans on moving to the South someday!

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