Life after graduation is usually met with a wide variety of emotions including excitement, anxiousness and stress. I experienced these when I recently graduated college and, a few short weeks later, moved across the country for a job. There are a few things that I found helpful in my transition that you should also consider when trying to make your new location feel like home.

1) Use a realtor

This tip is more helpful for those who are moving out of state. If you cannot afford to travel to your new home to look for a place to live, use a realtor. My realtor put my mind at ease and was helpful every step of the way. Her eyes were my eyes which made me feel better about signing a lease before I ever physically saw my apartment. If you need a realtor local to the area, reach out to realtors in your current area and ask for recommendations.

2) Locate your necessities

You may not realize it, but when you have lived somewhere for so long, you tend to take for granted that you know where everything is. By locating grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, and exciting parts of town, you will feel more secure and comfortable in your new area.

3) Utilize FaceTime

Homesickness can be a very real thing. I did not think it would be, until it happened to me. Luckily, we live in an age where the friends and family we leave behind at home are merely just a FaceTime call away. Video chatting with your friends and family can be very comforting on those days when you feel lonely – just do not use this as an excuse to not go out and make friends in your new home.

4) Explore, explore, explore

There is nothing more exciting than experiencing new things. Moving to a new city or state is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Be it local shops, new hiking trails, theme parks, lakes, beaches, or restaurants, your new home has so much to offer and new adventures are waiting just outside your door.  

5) Enjoy your own company

I hate exploring alone, too. It is normal to want to do adventurous, new, and fun things with friends. However, if you have moved to a place where you do not know anybody, do not let that stop you from having a good time. Take yourself out to brunch, go ride roller coasters alone, see and do everything your new home has to offer; trust me, it is not as weird to do things alone as you might think. Enjoy your own company for a while because eventually, you will make plenty of friends.

As time passes and you settle into your new home, you will surely find success and comfort. If you are still nervous just remember, you are in charge of how you adapt to a new situation!

Taylor H
Taylor is currently studying Public Administration and Policy at the Univeristy of Arizona. Fluent in sarcasm, and a white wine enthusiast, Taylor enjoys spending her days interning for the Kelli Ward for US Senate campaign and being the outspoken republican voice in a class full of liberals.

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