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So you think you’ve found the one, huh? He is everything you’ve ever dreamed of except… he hates politics. Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT have to dump him! There are many ways to get him interested and involved in politics so the two of you can live politically ever after.

1. Debate Night Date

Republican presidential debate night, aka your favorite day of the week. If you are anything like me, debate night is like a mini-version of the Super Bowl. The excitement of watching the candidates take the stage consumes my ability to do anything else. My significant other’s idea of a date is far from watching Ted Cruz and Donald Trump brawl it out for two hours. But if I’m glued to the television screen, he has no other choice. When the debates first started in August, he would leave the room as soon as the moderators started talking. As time went on, though, he overheard funny insults and standing ovations and became more interested in what was being said. I asked him to watch it with me every time one came on. Now, he shows up to my house with a pizza an hour before it’s time to #DebateWithFFL.

2. Share Breaking News

Nothing is better than receiving real time breaking news notifications on my phone throughout the day. Receiving these alerts helps me stay in the know even when I am on the go. As soon as I receive a jaw-dropping alert, I look around the room to see whom I can tell… and normally it’s my significant other. I give him every last detail and we usually break out into an hour-long discussion. After years of political ranting between my boyfriend and I, he realized he misses out on a lot of current events when I’m not around. So, he finally decided to download the Fox News Channel and CNN apps for his phone. Now he sends me a text everytime news is released.

3. Make It A Game

Being involved in politics requires a very serious and professional behavior most of the time, but who says you can’t have fun while learning? Creating a game with your significant other is easy. Every time a breaking announcement hits the Internet, see who can tell whom first. This gets both parties involved in researching and keeping up with the news daily.  Like GIFs? See who can create the funniest anti-Hillary GIF or who can create the best political meme. This personally brings me joy in any depressing situation (i.e. Marco Rubio dropping out). Another favorite is seeing how many insults Donald Trump can tweet a day. He is known for his vivid social media use and it is hard to keep up with him sometimes, but when you’re keeping tabs on him it can make for a great conversation starter. The best game to play with your significant other is counting how many hashtags come out of the 2016 election. Whether it’s something with a more serious tone such as #DefundPP or something funny such as #DuckingDonald there are way too many to keep up with, but it’s fun to try!

4. Buy Him Apparel

Wearing a trendy Republican t-shirt is a sure way to express your political views and look good while doing it. If you buy your significant other American-themed apparel or accessories representing his favorite candidate, it will likely boost his American pride and sense of involvement. While showing off the very thoughtful gifts you got him, he will be inclined to learn more about the Republican Party and possibly American history.

5. Take A Trip To The Political Lover’s Paradise

Yep, you guessed it. The political lover’s paradise is Washington D.C. As a political enthusiast, my life was made the first trip I took to D.C. I knew I was in the right field when I walked across the National Mall and a tear rolled down my face. Having your significant other with you on this journey can bring the two of you closer together, especially if he begins to feel the same way while standing next to the Lincoln Memorial. This trip will provide many amazing memories and great motivation to your political dreams.