We have all been heavily affected this year by the COVID-19 pandemic, with small businesses taking just as hard as a hit as well. An article by CNBC noted that 60% of small business temporary closures have turned into permanent ones, which is about 98,000 businesses as of August. 

It’s time to show support for small businesses during the time of year where people are out buying gifts for friends, family, and themselves. At the end of the day, a small business owner would benefit much more from your purchase than a big corporation. You are helping to put food on the small business owner’s table and to grow the local economy. Plus, in my experience, small business items can be more personalized and made with care, right in the U.S.A! Although the national “Small Business Saturday” has passed recently, here are five ways to support small businesses this holiday season:

Buy products from small businesses

This is of course the most obvious way, but your monetary support of a small business goes a long way. Before you look to buy something from Target or Walmart, find out if a local shop in your area sells the same thing. Another note: if your friend is a small business owner, avoid asking for a “friends and family discount.” Try to pay full price for products if able to.

Support on social media

Most small businesses these days have some form of social media – Facebook, Instagram, etc. Following these accounts helps solidify your support for a business, but it also helps grow the following of them. You can contribute to business growth over social media by sharing purchases and product photos, tagging the business, writing positive reviews, and sharing posts from the business on your personal account. 

Participate in business events

There are many small businesses who offer giveaways or other promotional events to spread word of their business. By participating in these events, you are sharing your love for the businesses with your friends and followers, and therefore the business is gaining more attention. 

Buy gift cards and certificates

Not sure what exactly your friend or family member might want as a gift? Gift cards are the perfect way to go. The purchase of a gift card or certificate is directly benefiting a small business just as much as a regular product purchase would. And once again, you are spreading your support of the business with who receives the certificate. 

Use apps such as Etsy to find small businesses abroad

Personally, I love the Etsy app for finding special, unique, and personalized products from small businesses across the country and even the world. These businesses rely on your purchase as much as local businesses in your area too. They are highly specialized, so it’s easy to find any product you have in mind for gift giving. 

Small businesses need our help now more than ever. Our purchases can directly help a business who might be struggling due to the pandemic. This holiday season, let’s make a difference in our communities by purchasing from a small business!

Ivey Y