It’s just another day on Twitter. You’re composing political tweets about the hottest news stories or your own personal beliefs. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Then out of nowhere, it happens. You see your notifications go from 1 to 20+ in an instant and you realize that basically all of Liberal Twitter is bombarding your mentions about a tweet you did not even think was too controversial. As an unfiltered politico, you know you are subject to this verbal assault at any time, so let’s take some time today to learn how to actually win a Twitter debate with these people:

1. Never engage if the user is typing excessive profanity.

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It is not worth your time or energy. Trapping yourself in a debate with these kind of people will be unproductive and you will simply end up aggravated. I’ve been called everything under the sun by Left-Wing Twitter, and it’s better to just sit back and watch them make fools of themselves.

2. Use facts.

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Liberals love to flood your mentions telling you how “insensitive” you are and so on and so forth. They act on emotion and it is important to keep them grounded with data and statistics. Search for reliable sources to back up your argument. Avoid citing articles from magazines like Cosmopolitan or biased news sites – this allows your opponent to debunk your source right away. If you can find legitimate data to back up your claims, usually the person arguing you will be so stuck, he or she will simply disappear from your mentions.

3. Pick your battles.

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If you see someone in your notifications that you have argued with on multiple occasions and you know he or she will not be rational about any issue, save yourself the aggravation. It is so important to not waste your time with people who just want to ruffle your feathers. These debates often become personal and will not do anybody justice. Your pride should never come before debating about the actual issues and those lines can become blurry in this type of scenario. Either ignore these people or, if they will not stop, you know where the “block” button is.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Sometimes, you might not be able to dig up data in the blink of an eye, or you might know that someone else you follow is a pro on a certain issue. If this is the case, direct message this person and ask for some help in your argument. The conservative coalition on Twitter is real and we are all there to back you up when you are in a bind. In most cases, the person you ask to help will jump right into the argument and absolutely own your opponent. It is a great thing to witness.

5. After you have won your debate, log off Twitter for a bit.

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Debates can cause you to become angry or upset and, even though you won, I’m sure there was some mudslinging on both sides of the aisle. It’s important to enter back into the real world, realize what’s important, and relax. You earned it.