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On October 7th, 2015, Wikileaks released another round of emails pertaining to the Clinton Campaign. This time, the emails came from campaign chair John Podesta’s inbox, and they’re not pretty. Here are five of the major takeaways from the Podesta Email Archive.

1) Even the Democrats Know $15 an Hour Isn’t Sustainable

One talking point of this election has been raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. While majority of us who have taken a basic economics course understand that this might not a viable option for our future, some Democrats still disagreed in the public eye. This email from Neera Tanden, domestic policy adviser and the President of Center for American Progress, shows us is that in private, the Clinton Campaign knows that this is a bad idea and is perhaps saying one thing in public and another in private.



2) Donna Brazile’s “Heads Up”

In the July hack of the Democratic National Convention’s email we learned that the former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was clearly biased towards Hillary’s campaign. An email sent from Donna Brazile, the current head of the DNC, gave the Clinton Campaign a heads up in two different scenarios.

The first was when she forwarded an email from the Sanders camp about a Twitter campaign they were launching.


The second was more recently, when Brazile informed Hillary’s camp of a question that was going to be asked at a March Town Hall.



3) Paid Speeches For Wall Street

HRC has been quoted countless times saying how herself and Bill were broke leaving the White House. One of the emails released suggests differently as it includes transcripts of paid speeches for Wall Street type companies.  This shows that she not only has a connection with the big banks and corporations, she’s getting checks from them.



4) Public and Private Opinions

In one of these paid speeches, Clinton suggests that one should hold to opinions, a public and a private one. We know that HRC is inconsistent, but we never imagined that she would come out and admit to it. It makes her all the less trustworthy to know she does not believe what she publicizes.  And the cherry on top  is she claimed she was referring to Abraham Lincoln.  



5) “Pied Piper” Comments

Another major released email from the Clinton Campaign to the DNC is very telling in a few ways. First, it shows that the DNC and Clinton Camp were working together, even when Bernie was still in the race. Second, it shows the candidates that the DNC were scared of facing. Third, and most importantly, it tells the candidates that the DNC thought they had a good chance at beating, labeling them “Pied Piper” candidates. One of those is Donald Trump, our current nominee. The man the GOP put up for President is exactly who the Democrats wanted to face off against.


Wikileaks has promised to release more emails, maybe even more damaging to the Clinton Campaign.  

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