Image Credits: UpRoxx

In today’s society, with the liberal media constantly pushing their beliefs down our throats, it’s rare to find those in the spotlight aligning with our views. We always hear about the liberal celebrities, but what about the conservative ones? Here are some athletes that you probably didn’t know were conservatives:

1) Tom Brady


The Patriots golden boy himself has caused commotion in New England on and off the field when he was supporting George W. Bush over the New England native John Kerry.  Technically he is a registered Independent but he’s been supporting Republicans so he’s good in my book. He has yet to say who he is supporting in 2016 but after tweeting that “It would be great if Trump won” he was quick to say he was not endorsing the real estate billionaire.


2) Arnold Palmer


The golf sensation who nowadays is widely known due to his drink has been a donor to the GOP for years. Although he is on record for donating to candidates from both parties, the only Democrat candidate he has ever contributed to was Congressman John Murtha, the first Vietnam veteran to serve in Congress.

Fun fact: Golf is one of the most Republican professions as seen by contributions! Pro-golfers on average donate to the GOP three times more than their liberal counter parts do.


3) Shaquille O’Neal


If you’re from the tri-state area like me, you probably saw this basketball MVP in a number of commercials for Governor Chris Christie during his re-election campaign in 2013. We have yet to see if Shaq will continue to support the Governor this time in his bid for the White House


4) Charles Barkley


This basketball star is looking at voting Republican for the first time ever in 2016 and we welcome him to join this grand old party! Barkley of recent has been vocal about his criticism of the Obama administration and how liberal policies do not help the poor. He has said both Governors Christie, Kasich, and Bush are people he’d consider endorsing so we’ll be waiting to see when he makes his choice.


5) Alex Rodriguez


Good old A-Rod has been supporting Republicans in the past four elections, From Bush, to Guliani, to Romney and a certain billionaire has been trying to cozy up to the Yankees player for a endorsement although it doesn’t look like it’s coming any time soon.


6) Mario Lemieux


It makes sense that this Pittsburgh Penguins player and owner would be a Republican, he is definitely living the American dream. He has given his support to his fellow former Pennsylvanian Senator Rick Santorum in the past, will he again this election season?