One of the classic Halloween traditions is carving a pumpkin. It is fun and easy to do, and it’s a way to show your personality and interests. 

All you need is:

  • medium or large sized pumpkin

  • a pumpkin carving kit or a DIY kit using a serrated knife, ladle, and x-acto knife

  • newspaper to cover your work space

  • a sharpie

  • two bowls (one for pumpkin seeds and one for pumpkin guts)

  • a small candle if you want your design to light up

To carve your pumpkin:

  • Set up your work space with newspaper to protect the surface

  • Using a sharpie, draw out your design on the pumpkin (if using a stencil, you’ll want to the design on transfer paper, and pin it to the pumpkin using thumbtacks. If you don’t have transfer paper, you can make some yourself with this easy tutorial.

  • Draw and cut out your pumpkin lid.

  • Using a spoon, take out the guts and seeds of the pumpkin and place them in their respective bowls. (PS save the pumpkin seeds to roast later!)

  • Wipe off the pumpkin and begin carving the pumpkin design you’ve drawn onto the pumpkin using an x-acto knife or a serrated knife.

  • Clean up the design and your work space

  • Put the candle in the pumpkin

  • Let it glow!

Here are some cute conservative ways to decorate your pumpkin this fall!

American Flag

You can do a wavy flag carving or a simple straight flag. Show your American pride! 

Bald Eagle

Get creative and add an American flag in the background or just do the eagle itself!

Republican Elephant

Ain’t no party like the grand ole party. 

Statue Of Liberty

What could be better than lady liberty?


You can do either campaign slogan or anything you want!

Enjoy your pumpkin carvings!

Maggie B
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