This week, we’re recognizing the conservative ladies who have stepped up in their own way to brighten spirits, reach people in need, and raise awareness about ways to help in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. We see you, and we want to recognize you!

Kimberly Corban shows us how to make the most of quarantine

Kimberly Corban is keeping us entertained throughout this quarantine experience. She realized that not being in the office means wearing whatever she wants as she works from home–and she’s sharing her outfits to social media for our enjoyment. Outfits include, but are not limited to, a taco hat, a spring break-themed outfit, and FFL wear. Thanks for offering us a good dose of humor each day!

Bethany Mandel organizes thank-you meals to send to hospital workers

Bethany Mandel, editor, writer, and podcaster for Ricochet, posted a tweet Wednesday evening asking for contributions for meals for health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Mandel raised thousands of dollars. She is continuing to send food donations to hospitals as an expression of gratitude toward the health care workers who are putting their health at risk to defend ours. If you are interested in giving or would like more information, details are here.

Susan Collins speaks passionately about need for coronavirus relief package

Senator Susan Collins contributed to the $2 trillion stimulus package that has been crawling through Congress this week and spoke of the urgent need to pass the package. Her efforts focused on the $350 billion directed toward small businesses which have suffered as a result of the pandemic. In light of the needs of small businesses and more, Collins spoke on the Senate floor about the surprising partisan gridlock in moving forward with the package, calling on her Democratic counterparts to put aside their differences and come together to work through this crisis quickly.

Allie Stuckey raises awareness for pregnancy center needs

Allie Stuckey tweeted about a Texas pregnancy center’s need for products. The initial tweet came on Monday, in which Stuckey asked for donations of diapers and wipes for the center to distribute to moms in need. She continued to raise awareness, asking on behalf of the pregnancy center for car seat donations for mothers who cannot afford one.

Seema Verma and Dr. Deborah Birx lead the government response to the coronavirus pandemic

Seema Verma, administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Dr. Deborah Birx are the two women on the White House’s coronavirus task force. Both women have an extensive background in the health care field, and they are contributing their years’ worth of knowledge and experience toward fighting this unprecedented pandemic. We are so grateful for their efforts alongside the other officials on the task force.

Meghan McCain announces she is expecting!

We couldn’t forget to recognize Meghan McCain, conservative and co-host of The View, who announced her pregnancy this week. Congratulations, and we wish you health and safety during this time!

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