Have you gotten enough of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal yet? It seems like we can’t escape this elephant in the room, and yet we are still confused as to what it actually going on. If you need more information about the email scandal in general, check out this article we published a few weeks ago. If you’re all caught up on what is going on but still haven’t actually read any of those emails we can’t seem to stop talking about, keep reading. These are 6 emails released by either the State Department or WikiLeaks, or both, that highlight some of the emails in question and why we can’t seem to stop talking about Hillary’s email scandal.

1. This email about Lady Gaga

In August of 2011, Hillary Clinton was forwarded an email featuring comments made by Lady Gaga on The View, which included, “I think Hillary Clinton has a lot more things to worry about than her hemline.” Hillary’s response? She wanted the singer’s address so that she could send her a note! It is so nice to see that the hip Hillary of today was just as hip and with it in 2011, looking forward to communicating with pop stars

2. The one where she acknowledges Benghazi was a terror attack done by an Al Queda-like Group

This email exchange between Clinton and her daughter Chelsea, using the alias Diane Reynolds, was the hot topic of her Congressional testimony. In this September 11th email, Clinton tells her daughter of the attack on the embassy in Benghazi, writing of the death of the Ambassador and others.  In this email, Clinton writes, “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Queda-like group: The Ambassador, whom I handpicked and a young communications officer on temporary duty w a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the

same tomorrow” which seems to stand contradictory to her later statements that a YouTube video caused this attack.  She was grilled during her Congressional Testimony over this, especially by Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio who chastised her by saying, “You tell your family it’s a terrorist attack, but not the American people.”

3. The one with the inside scoop at the NYT

As just an average, everyday citizen, I was interested to learn that people like Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan are privy to the publication of the New York Times before the rest of the population. With the left-leaning bias evident in their publication each and every day, it should come as no surprise, but this email from December of 2011 features Jake Sullivan forwarding Hillary an article about North Korea that was due to be published the following day. Luckily for Mrs. Clinton, this wasn’t classified information, except I’m sure the NYT wouldn’t like this being shared on server that could easily have been hacked by their rivals in the publishing world.

4. The one where Clinton thought Obama had lost the promise of his presidency

In an email dated to September of 2012, Hillary Clinton wrote, “This could be one of his best and most important speeches—and begin to redeem the promise of his presidency”. The showdown between Obama and Romney was only months away, and Clinton clearly thought that Obama’s speech before the United Nations on peace in the Middle East could get his presidency back on track. Like much of the rest of the nation, Clinton realized how Obama had failed to keep his promises in his first term.

5. This email where they tell the press who is boss

Now, this was an email I genuinely enjoyed reading. If you think, based on #3, that Clinton controls the media, this might set you back a step, but then you’ll find your footing again. In this email from 2012, a Clinton staffer sent a very strongly worded email to a Washington Post reporter who dared to insinuate that Hillary had not visited the White House as frequently as she wanted some to believe. This email shows how curt and threatening the Clinton staff could be when you printed something they disagreed with. My favorite lines include the threat in the last lines to go to Politico to publish the “facts” as the Clinton staff saw them, and Phillipe’s chuckle-inducing lines, “Now, to be fair, it’s possible that 642 of those times she left the building, told us she was headed to the WH, but went to Starbucks instead. She’s slippery that way.” He may have been making a joke then, but the four years since he sent that email have shown us just how slippery Hillary can be.

6. The one that suggested Hillary was Pro-Palestine

Our nation stands by its ally, Israel, and our leading politicians are supposed to act on this alliance, right? Well, maybe. Even though Clinton seemed very pro-Israel when she spoke at AIPAC and other campaign events this past week, an email she received from former Ambassador Thomas Pickering contained some very pro-Palestine thoughts that might call her support of Israel into question.  The email recommended backing a protest movement among Palestinian women, and even acknowledged that it was a crazy idea. The fact that someone with Hillary’s private email and who was technically a State Department employee would dare send the supposedly pro-Israel Secretary of State an email about backing a Palestinian protest calls into question the leanings of the Secretary and her staff, and makes you wonder why Pickering thought Clinton might possibility be receptive to this idea.

To learn more about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, visit ClintonEmailFacts.gop

If these emails interested you, or you want to learn more, the Internet is full of Hillary Clinton emails. There are PDFs and searchable online documents totaling over 50,000 pages that will allow you to peruse the former Secretary of State’s emails at your leisure.  I have no doubt that we’ll be hearing more about the already released emails in the upcoming election cycle and as more emails are released, FFL will keep you informed about them.