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Although the presidential election is taking over mainstream media, there is a lot of speculation about the future of the United States Senate. Currently, Republicans are in control of both houses of Congress.  That may change soon. There is a chance that the Democrats will regain the Senate after November 8th. For the Democrats, they need to pick up four states to do this, but Republicans are working hard to ensure that they do not. There are six key states that will be the determining factor in deciding if Republicans will keep control of the Senate, or lose it to the Democrats.

1) Indiana. Democrat and former senator Evan Bayh is running against current Republican Congressman Todd Young. Bayh is currently leading Young by two points.

2) Missouri. Republican senator Roy Blunt is up against Democrat Jason Kander, who serves as Missouri’s Secretary of State. Kander is a young veteran who claims he is committed to preserving Second Amendment rights, but wants to ensure honest background checks are completed to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. The NRA debunks this claim in an ad in support of Roy Blunt.  Blunt is currently leading by just one point.

3) Nevada. Joe Heck, who recently said he will not vote for Trump, is the Republican candidate. He is facing Democrat candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, who is currently leading by six points.

4) New Hampshire. This is an interesting race because two females are vying for the win. The current senator, Republican Kelly Ayotte is in a dead heat with Democratic governor Maggie Hassan. Ayotte just recently denounced Donald Trump this month.

5) North Carolina. Republican Richard Burr is running against Democrat Deborah Ross. In this historically red state, things are not looking good for the GOP, as Trump has a razor thin lead presidential election polls and Burr is holding onto a narrow one-point lead over Ross. The loss in GOP support may be due to the very unpopular piece of legislation, HB2, commonly known as the bathroom bill, which many say discriminates against transgender citizens.

6) Pennsylvania. Republican Pat Toomey is running against Democrat Katie McGinty. McGinty strongly supports and is supported by Hillary Clinton, while Toomey has yet to publicly declare support for Donald Trump. If elected, McGinty would be the first female senator from Pennsylvania. McGinty is currently leading by two points, but like other Democrats are starting to see, there may be a drop in her support after the FBI’s reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Some political analysts are considering adding Florida to this list, but  RCP average has Rubio leading Democratic challenger, Patrick Murphy, by four points.

Get out and fulfill the civic duty of voting, up and down the ticket. If Republicans want to keep the Senate and win this presidential election, they are going to have to have a strong voter turnout.

Sarah G