The young, conservative female demographic is a growing, but we’re still an outnumbered population in high schools and on college campuses. It makes it even more imperative for us to arm ourselves with information instead of arguing based on emotions. It helps we have some great conservative women to learn from. Below are five informative books that every conservative woman should read to better equip herself to face the tough political environment that we live in.

Can’t is Not an Option: My American Story by Nikki Haley

Can’t is Not an Option is a wonderful book for all those women who need a little bit of courage to boost their confidence when debating their liberal peers. This book showcases the perseverance that it took for Ambassador Haley to be the first female, minority governor of South Carolina. This book also is a great representation of the importance of small government to the conservative platform. Ambassador Haley’s experience in her mother’s small business paved the way for her to excel in bringing jobs to South Carolina during her time as governor and lowering the unemployment rate by a substantial amount.

And the Good News Is…: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side by Dana Perino

This book is written by President Bush’s former Press Secretary, Dana Perino. It is full of insight into not only what it took to reach a high government level position, but also what it took to be a humble, honest, and intuitive person of power like Dana Perino was in her time with the Bush administration. This book is a perfect example for all the women who aim to take courageous chances in their personal and professional lives and need a bit of inspiration from a woman who has seen the world’s most interesting workplace, the White House.

Ten Minutes from Normal by Karen Hughes

Written by Karen Hughes, George W. Bush’s former counselor to the President, White House Director of Communications, and undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, this book is the epitome of a perfect book for working conservative moms. Karen Hughes chronicles her struggle to balance her work for the most important man in the world, the president. It also highlights her duties as a mom to her step-daughter and son. She goes in depth about her decision to leave the Bush administration and look after her family. She, like Dana Perino, describes her journey to political stardom and what it took to be a successful female in the world of politics, and in George W.’s gubernatorial and presidential administrations.

Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women by Katie Pavlich

You’ve probably heard of the War on Women, right? The left’s claim that the right’s policies are disastrous to women and how all conservatives hate women. It’s a tired stereotype. Well, what if the War on Women is really being waged on by the left? That’s what Katie Pavlich shares in this book. Learn just how hypocritical the left can be when it comes to women and arm yourself with the facts. This book will leave you feeling empowered to be a conservative woman!

Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America by Dana Loesch

What is more empowering than a woman being able to defend herself? Dana Loesch, NRA spokeswoman and TheBlaze host, is on the front lines of the fight to keep our Second Amendment rights. This book is loaded with facts, anecdotes, and stories that show how imperative the Second Amendment is to our freedoms. Loesch minces no words and takes on the left and gun control.

The President Will See You Now: A Memoir by Peggy Grande

Peggy Grande started out as an eager intern for the Office of President Reagan. Through hard work and determination, she rose through the ranks to become Executive Assistant to the former President. She shares behind the scenes moments of one of conservatives’ most beloved icon and shares insightful advice, lessons, and stories through her journey with her career of serving President Reagan.

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Mia S
Mia is a student at Emmanuel College. She is fiercely patriotic and unapologetically conservative. She is obsessed with Boston sports, Clemson Football, and Vineyard Vines. She loves her family, Jesus, playing softball, politics, Fox News, and online shopping. If she is not studying she can be found listening to Toby Keith and George Strait, at Fenway Park, idolizing Nikki Haley or fantasizing about moving to South Carolina one day.

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