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It was just announced Senator Ted Cruz has chosen Carly Fiorina to be his running mate should he win the Republican nomination for President.  Just like Ronald Reagan in 1976 Senator Cruz believes that announcing his running mate before the Republican National Convention may give him a leg up in securing the majority of delegates needed. Here are six reasons why I believe that Carly was a great choice for the Senator.

1) Carly is Hillary’s worst nightmare, a female conservative that is both pro-life and pro-2A, I can hear Hillary shuddering already. Carly has no problem calling out Hillary on her accomplishments or rather lack thereof.



2) With Carly in the Vice President candidate spot, Hillary, the presumptive Democratic nominee, has fewer chances to pull that woman card she loves so much.  Just a reminder, Hillary, women are not a special interest group, we make up 53%, a majority, of this great nation.  Foreign policy, the economy, and the National Debt are all women’s issues and Carly will help make sure you don’t only speak of reproductive rights as if that’s all women should care about.



3) Carly, as the former chair of the CIA’s external Advisory Board, brings extensive foreign policy and national security executive experience to the Cruz campaign when the threat of Islamic Terrorism is on the rise. She has advised Heads of the Department of Justice, the CIA, the NSA, two Secretaries of State and knows many of our world leaders personally.



4) Carly, as the former CEO of the largest tech company in the world, brings an understanding of the global economy and knows that small business’ are the backbone of our economy.

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5) Carly has no problem going after Donald Trump and his “conservative” track record or firing back when he decides to attack her.



6) Carly LOVES dogs and that’s the real reason anyone should ever be elected to office, let’s be honest.


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