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Election season is more like a year-long extravaganza for conservative women. It truly is a blessing for us. We rally behind new candidates and get the word out about conservative policies.  We also enjoy motivating ourselves and others along the way. Here are the top six things that many of us conservative ladies look forward to during any election season:

1) Finding out our favorite politician is running for reelection

The best news we could ever receive is that our favorite politician is running for his or her seat again (Rubio for Senate, am I right?). An insane amount of happiness runs through our veins when we get to support and promote our favorite candidate. The thought of sharing this person’s conservative policies and ideals with others makes us feel as though all is right in the world.

2) Figuring out who our best friend supports

Don’t get me wrong – we will always love our best friends no matter who they vote for. When we see our Facebook feed eaten up by liberal bias, it’s nice to have a refreshing conservative friend is rooting for the same candidate as we are.

3) Learning that our crush supports the same candidate as us

Along with your liberal social media feed, you notice guys that are “With Her.” It’s a joyous day when you log into Instagram and see your crush volunteering for a Republican governor’s campaign. #DateMe2016

4) Getting noticed

With our countless hours of support online and in person, it is a nice feeling when we are complimented by a conservative news outlet, prominent Republican official, or even the candidate we support. The work conservative women have put into the election in 2016 will never be unnoticed. We are tearing Leftist myths down left and right. Conservatives around the country are getting noticed daily – and sometimes it’s really hard not to fangirl.

5) Converting a Democrat

Yes, you read that right. Although it is hard to believe, it is possible to persuade a left-leaning liberal to adopt more right-wing policies. Most millennials are Democrats because the media tells them to be. When sitting down with an old friend, or discussing policies on Twitter, it can be very difficult to get others to see your point of view. I know all conservative women look forward to the day they can finally say they have swayed someone to vote Republican.

6) Winning

Just like The Donald says, we like to win. When all of your hard work and long hours transform into high poll numbers and large donations, you can definitely kick back and celebrate. Because us conservative women work so hard for what we want, the feeling of success is that much sweeter.

Sydney H
FFL Contributor
Sydney is a Poli Sci obsessed southern girl, who wishes RomneyRyan2012 had actually happened. She's a lover of the outdoors and all things red, white, and blue. If she isn't at work or school, you can most likely find her at home taking a nap (for 3 hours).

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