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Who says a conservative and a liberal can’t be best friends? Most people wouldn’t think so.  I wouldn’t trade my best friend — who is a liberal — for anything. I’m sure people think how can you have a best friend who has such different values than you? We may be on opposite sides of the spectrum politically, but we get along in every other aspect.  That’s what truly makes a great friendship. We’ve known each other a long time and have been through so much together. Why would we throw away an amazing friendship because of politics?

Here are 6 things I’ve learned from having a liberal best friend.

  1. You get to hear the other side on issues.

No matter how well-informed you think you are, sometimes it’s easier to just stick to conservative news outlets. While those are obviously great to watch and read because they align with your values, it’s important to stay well-informed on both sides of politics. A liberal best friend helps you do just that.

  1. You become more open-minded.

Having a liberal best friend helps you be more open-minded, because you’re more sensitive to all issues. You know that you’re best friend is a liberal, so obviously not all liberals are terrible or uneducated. In fact, anyone can be those things – no matter what their political affiliation is.  It definitely helps put things into perspective.

  1. Even though you may not agree politically, you probably have just about everything else in common.

My best friend and I may not agree on every single political issue, but we have so many things in common. We like the same TV shows, movies, restaurants, stores. Other than political issues, if you name something, we probably feel the same way about it.

  1. You always have someone to debate with.

Talking politics with your conservative friends is awesome, but it’s always nice to have a great debate with someone on the other side of the spectrum. The best part is that you can debate without actually arguing. As long as all discussions stay respectful and don’t resort to insults, there’s no reason for us to not talk about politics. She’s actually one of my favorite people to discuss politics with.  I think that’s pretty amazing. She challenges my views and helps to expand my knowledge.

  1. They can actually remind you why you love being a conservative.

While you respect your best friend and their beliefs, it can actually strengthen your conservative beliefs. Hearing your friend’s ideals can help you realize how passionate you are about yours and make them even stronger.

  1. You truly know that you’re best friends.

Despite your political beliefs, your friendship is as strong as it could possibly be. In today’s world, that’s how you know you have a true friendship – when you can put your differences aside and still love each other. Like the saying goes, opposites attract.  I think that’s extremely true in friendships, as well.

Jessica M
FFL Contributor
Jessica is a student at Shippensburg University pursuing a bachelor’s in Public Relations. She is a lover of all things pink & sparkly, going to church every Sunday morning, puppies & pigs, and Netflix binges. She is fiercely patriotic and hopes to have another president like Ronald Reagan. She has a southern state of mind and plans on moving to the South someday!

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