This election cycle is sure to be a tumultuous one filled with crazy headlines and contentious arguments between candidates for office. We want to highlight a number of women from varied backgrounds, geographic locations, and potential offices who are running for office who exemplify what it means to be a conservative female leader.

Erin Stewart

First elected as the Mayor of New Britain, Connecticut at the age of 26, Erin Stewart is now running for Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut. She began her journey in politics as a member of her local Board of Education, and she is dedicated to fiscal conservatism. She has begun an Energy and Innovation Committee, and she is passionate about inspiring others in her community. Stewart is 31 years old. You can read more about Erin Stewart’s campaign for Lt. Governor here. Her primary is on August 14th, 2018. 

Morgan Zegers

Running for the New York State Assembly, Morgan Zegers is a recent college graduate who want to represent her community in Albany, New York. She is a small business owner and promises to stand up to corrupt politicians in her state’s capital.  Zegers hopes to “increase quality economic development opportunities, bolster ethics controls in Albany and lower the Upstate cost of living by lowering spending and taxes to make New York more affordable for families and businesses.” She is 21 years old. Read more about Morgan and her journey here and here.

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Morgan Murtaugh

As the youngest woman running for the U.S. Congress, Morgan Murtaugh hopes to represent California’s 53rd District. She promises to defend the Second Amendment, reduce tax burdens for constituents, and securing the southern border of the United States. Murtaugh is a strong advocate for states’ rights in all capacities and she hopes to promote individual liberty in Congress. She is 25 years old. You can read more about Morgan’s campaign here.

Lena Epstein

Running to represent Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, Lena Epstein is a business leader and former Co-Chair for Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Team in Michigan. She is known as a job creator, and not a career politician. She hopes to help grow the economy, curb excessive spending, and to repeal ObamaCare and work to create a health care system with reasonable rates for Americans. Lena hopes to fight for opportunity for all Americans, regardless of background. Check out Lena’s campaign here. She’s 36 years old. Her primary is on August 7th.

Erika Harold

A former Miss America turned candidate for Attorney General of Illinois, Erika Harold understands hard work and dedication. She plans to fight public corruption and advocate for criminal justice reform. Harold is running for Attorney General in order to create a better future for the next generation and she is dedicated to the people of Illinois. She is 38 years old. Read more about the issues that are most important to Erika here.

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Ashley Moody

A distinguished lawyer in the Tampa area, Ashley Moody is running for Attorney General of Florida. She has a proven record of prosecuting drug, firearm, and fraud offenses. Moody stands for the rule of law, and is committed to abiding by, and defending the US Constitution. She wants to properly equip law enforcement officials, and fight the opioid crisis ravaging Florida. Her primary is August 28th. Read more about Ashely Moody’s campaign for Attorney General of Florida here.

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