Valentines Day can usually go three different ways.  The first, you are in a relationship and excited to celebrate with the one you love. The second, you are bitter that you still haven’t found Mr. Right and you wish you weren’t reminded by the holiday every time you walked into Target. The third, you genuinely could care less, maybe you will go to dinner with friends, maybe you will go home and watch a movie, either way it is another day. No matter what you fall into something we can all agree on, single or taken, is that we have been blessed with some great Valentine’s Day episodes from our favorite shows. The list has a little something for everyone no matter what your plans are for the day.

Friends, The One With The Candy Hearts,  Season 1 Episode 14

Best Quote: “You get the pretty one, I get the mess”

Joey convinces Chandler to go on a double date only to get there and find out Chandlers blind date is really his ex Janice. Ross on the other hand lands a date with someone way out of his league only to end up at the same restaurant as his ex Carol who is pregnant and alone after her wife was called to work. As for Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel they spend the night burning old mementos from past relationships, naturally. Lucky for them though some good looking firemen come when it gets a little out of control and offer to stop by again when they got off their shift.

The Mindy Project, Harry & Mindy, Season 1 Episode 14

Best Quote: “Every couple weeks, I buy a ticket and hang out in the lobby of the empire state building to see if I will meet my one true love.”

Mindy sets up a double date for Danny and her boyfriends, Jamie, close friend Lucy, who he is clearly in love with but has not realized yet. Side note: why is everyone going on blind double dates on Valentine’s Day, can you imagine anything more awkward? Obviously after the date Jamie realizes that the whole time he has been in love with Lucy and rushes to tell her. Danny to comfort Mindy takes her to a little italian restaurant which is where he met his ex wife. Also, yes I chose that as the best quote because it was something I could really relate to.

Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day, Season 2 Episode 16

Best Quote:It’s the most romantic story ever. It makes The Notebook look like Saw V.”

Leslie invites all of her friends to a Galentine’s Day lunch (February 13th) where in true Leslie fashion she gives super thoughtful and specific gifts to everyone and then her mom tells what Leslie considers to be the most romantic story in history. Leslie’s boyfriend Justin convinces her to go find the guy from her moms story and bring him to the Valentine’s Day fundraiser they are having at the senior center. Once getting him there they realize he is obviously a little strange and has a few issues which during the process Leslie realizes that Justin is not the guy for her.

Parks and Recreation, Operation Ann, Season 4 Episode 14

Best Quote: “Screw romantic dinners, lets go rub it in their face.”

The episode kicks off with the infamous Galentine’s Day holiday where Leslie celebrates her friends and gives fun needlepoint pillows with the headline from the day they were born, if you have never seen this show then that probably confuses you. Ann is clearly struggling with being single on such a romantic day so Leslie is committed to finding her an eligible guy she can date. Ben on the other hand is faced with a very complicated and detailed scavenger hunt that Leslie has planned for their Valentine’s day plans. Leslie is convinced that Ann is going to end up with Chris that night considering that they are both single and extremely lonely on Valentine’s Day only to end up even more shocked by who Ann really ends up with.

The Office, Valentine’s Day, Season 2 Episode 16

Best Quote: “It would be really nice if he was into you, right? It would be great. But he isn’t.”

The episode slightly resembles an elementary school classroom with everyone handing out little gifts and cards to each other. Dwight is gifted a look alike bobble head from Angela which could not be a more perfect gift for him while he is still worried about what to get her. Michael on the other hand has went up to NYC for a meeting where he is suppose to keep under wraps that Jan and him are dating. Jim on the other hand is single and ends up listening to Kelly all day try to figure out what to do about her and Ryan. Pam who is engaged has to watch Phyllis all day receives flowers and gifts from her boyfriend while Pam gets nothing. Not entirely sure why at that point in Pam didn’t raise a little bit more caution about her relationship with Jim Halpert sitting across from her but I digress.

New Girl, Valentine’s Day, Season 1 Episode 13

Best Quote: “Ugh, Couples! Boo. Hiss.”

Nick finally has found a woman worth of romantic plans but he ends up spending most of the night with her assistant when she can’t seem to pull herself away from work. Winston really wants to make things work with his ex so is willing to spend the entire evening at a girls night with her and her friends, gossip and pedicures included. Jess on the other hand is single for the first time on Valentines Day and enlists the help of Schmidt to go out and play the field, something with she has 0 experience in. Jess ends up home and very confused as to who she might have feelings for Nick though intervenes just in time for the moment to never be talked about again.

Grey’s Anatomy, Valentine’s Day Massacre, Season 6 Episode 14

Best Quote: “I didn’t marry Derek to be the chief’s arm candy. I’m a surgeon.”

Owen and Derek plan a double date dinner despite Christina and Merediths objections that they are not into Valentines day people only to get their way when the roof of a romantic restaurant collapses on the busiest day of the year. Bailey is clearly crushing on Ben Warren and Arizona and Callie are like giggling school girls excited for her, Arizona plotting how to get them together. But despite the talks of relationships, Valentine’s Day plans, and patients personal lives, Callie and Mark are facing a struggle of their own potentially starting a family together. Like every Grey’s Anatomy episode it brought a lot of drama, a little dry humor, and not coincidental parallels between patients lives and doctors lives.

Honorable Mention: The movie He’s Just Not That Into You

This movie is wildly confusing for the mere fact that everyone in some way is intertwined with each other but it never really comes out till the last five minutes. Overall though if you fit into any of the three types of people I described in the beginning you will be able to relate to someone in this movie. You might be Jennifer Aniston wanting her long term boyfriend Ben Affleck to finally put a ring on it. Or maybe you are Ginnifer Goodwin who despite putting herself out there constantly and being a sweet girl can’t find the right guy who is willing to settle down. I really hope you are not in the situation of Kevin Connolly who is in love with his best friend while she is in love with someone else because that one genuinely sucks to get over. Either way though this movie has a little something for everyone and I highly recommend it if you want more of a long term commitment this Valentine’s Day.

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