If you’re reading this right now, you probably follow FFL on Twitter. If you don’t, give us a follow @FFL_Of_America. Wait, shameless plug aside, Twitter is a major meeting place for young conservatives these days. So many of us are ostracized or silenced on liberal campuses, so we turn to the Internet, and often anonymous Twitter accounts, to vent our frustrations, be proud in our politics, and make like-minded friends. The Internet isn’t much different than your college campus, because for every nice, outspoken conservative on Twitter there seems to be three crazy, outspoken liberals who are eager to call you racist, homophobic, and every other name in the liberal burn book. As someone who has been an outspoken conservative on Twitter for many years, here is what I’ve learned.

1) Twitter fights convince no one of anything

I get it, I really do. When someone tweets something absolutely idiotic or illogical, you want to engage them in a good ole fashioned Twitter battle. You know your arguments are better, but how do you fit such witty comebacks into 140 characters?  You can’t. Not well at least. And even if you can, your well-thought out opinion and snarky comebacks aren’t going to bring anyone to your side. No one who engages in Twitter fights is open to being swayed. If you are passionate enough about an issue to argue about it on Twitter, you’re probably pretty rooted in that passion and aren’t about to switch it up because of a well-worded tweet.

2) The mute button is your friend

Whether you’re in the middle of a Twitter fight or not, if you’re a conservative on Twitter you’re probably going to get some hate everyone and awhile. And I hate to say it, but blocking everyone who disagrees with you makes you look like a child who can’t handle it. However, the mute buttons allows you to reap the benefits of blocking without looking like a coward and being called out repeatedly. So make good use of the mute button. Allow it to become your friend and ally. It will help you stay sane, and hopefully stay out of aforementioned Twitter fights that help no one.

3) I’m not here to make friends

Social media is a great way to see how small the world is. You share mutual friends? Wow, you both like the same shows? You obsess over the same politicians! Awesome! But I’m not here to be your friend. I have a real life off the internet, with people who love me, and actually know me. I love interacting with like-minded people on Twitter, but I’m not trying to find a best friend who lives a thousand miles away.  If you find your best friend on the internet, it’s great, but if you don’t, that’s great too. 

4) Want more followers? Tweet about abortion

It is a fact, universally known, that a Tweeter in want of more followers must tweet about abortion. The topic of abortion causes a lot of strife between the Left and the Right, and the Internet is no exception. Whether you think abortion is murder or a woman’s right, a good abortion tweet can make your notifications explode like a hydrogen bomb. Everyone that thinks about abortion is passionate about it. It’s incredibly hard to find someone who considers themselves a moderate on abortion. There’s a line drawn between pro-life and pro-choice, and people on both sides of that line will come out of the woodwork when you starting tweeting about abortion. Prepare for major support and major backlash when you start voicing your opinion on the issue, but a good tweet might just earn you a new following from the pro-life generation.

5) I’ll judge you by your avi

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and I love books, so I won’t, but it is EXTREMELY hard not to judge someone by their avi. That’s because Twitter isn’t like Instagram or Facebook. It takes a little effort to unearth more pictures. Your Twitter avi is the first impression many people get, besides your handle, so make it a good one. Your avi should represent you as you want the world to see you, so choose wisely. If you want the world to think of you as a bikini model, pick that type of photo as your avi. If you want to be a political aficionado that appears on Fox News, maybe don’t go with the bikini picture. But that’s up to you. Just know that people will probably judge you for your avi, and you can’t really blame them.

6) Foul language turns everyone off

Some of us are crasser than others. I myself have been known to cuss like a sailor when I stub my toe, or when boys break my heart, but I know that foul language has no place on my social media accounts. That’s because I represent a company, a brand, and I represent myself. I’m not a foul person, so I don’t want to come off that way in my tweets. I try to be understanding of everyone’s situation, but when someone drops an F bomb in every tweet, I assume it is because they have a limited vocabulary and can’t find a better word to use. Maybe I’m wrong. But it’s the Internet, so we’ll never know. To be safe, and to keep yourself gainfully employed, avoid foul language whenever possible. Some bosses are more understanding than others, but you don’t want to find out the hard way that yours isn’t.

7) A celebrity retweet is like a gift from God

Nothing makes a conservative tweeter happier than a retweet from a prominent conservative, especially if it is someone they look up to. As conservatives on Twitter, we often tweet at, and about, our favorite politicians and commentators, but having them favorite our tweet or even, God willing, retweet it or reply, gives us a joy best explained by describing children at Christmas. I remember last summer when my work’s summer book club earned a retweet and reply from Dana Perino. We all screamed, every single one of us, and jumped up and down for joy for more minutes than we are proud of. If you’re a consistent Twitter conservative, and you hold out for a long time, you just might earn one of those coveted retweets, and your day will never be the same.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member