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Once the first fall leaves start hitting the ground and the calendar flips to October, every girl goes into high gear trying to think of the perfect Halloween costume. Even if we do think of the perfect costume, putting it together is another chore. Here is your go-to list of seven Halloween costumes and planning ideas that every Republican girl should have in her back pocket for the fall. Whether you have three weeks or three hours to plan, bookmark this list for some awesome ideas.

1) The Statue of Liberty

What better way to showcase your American pride than with a classic Statue of Liberty costume? Easily recognizable at any Halloween party you attend, this costume is sure to turn heads and is simple to make with just a few items.

This first key to this costume is the crown and torch. There is a super easy tutorial that only requires a few basic items, including a toilet paper roll, paper plate, a yogurt container, tissue paper, and glue. Most of these items are likely already around your apartment, dorm, or house, which helps keep the cost of this costume low and the rewards high.

To be the perfect Statue of Liberty, you also need her classic toga. The cheapest (and easiest) way to get your toga on is to search your closets and your roommates’ closets for a green sheet set. Luckily, if you cannot find any green sheets at home, there’s plenty of affordable green sheet sets at Walmart or Target with low thread counts that will serve this costume’s purpose perfectly. The trickiest part of this costume will be tying your toga. No fear! There are plenty of super easy toga tutorials on Youtube, but this tutorial is my go-to for any toga party.

2) Rosie the Riveter

Another costume that’s great to showcase American pride is the classic Rosie the Riveter costume. An awesome part about this costume is that most of the clothes for it are already in your closet!

Basic blue jeans are going to be the base for this costume. Mid to high rise jeans would be the most appropriate cut for this time, but any jeans that flatter you and you already have will do. 

Any blue shirt will work for this costume, but the closer to the jean shade the better. Ideally, the shirt will have sleeves you can roll up for great picture poses.

The last piece of this costume is Rosie’s distinctive red bandana. Most discount stores sell bandanas for less than five dollars, and then you simply roll a bandana into a headband and wrap it around your head.

3) Sandy Olsen of Grease

My favorite part of this costume, besides it being an American classic, is that you can style it to fit your look and personality. If you’re the kind of girl who’s looking for the All-American cheerleader look, a red skirt and cream sweater will do the job great! If being a Pink Lady was always more your style, a pair of skinny black jeans, black shirt, and sky high heels will give you a carnival Sandy look.

The hair and makeup for these looks is what will really make your costume stand out. If cheerleader Sandy is your style, a classic half-up, half-down ponytail will match Sandy’s look perfectly. Neutral eye makeup with rosy cheeks will emphasize the classic look and don’t forget a big smile!

For bad girl Sandy, it’s best to try to get teased, curled hair. Tight curls will work best, so make sure to find one of your friends with a narrow curler or hair wand. After curling, shake your curls around and even tease your hair for some added volume! For makeup, dark and sultry is the look Sandy is going for at the end of the movie, so a good grey and silver smokey eye with bold liner and a red lip will complete your look and make you stand out. Don’t forget your setting spray!

4) Wonder Woman

The classic superhero power girl Wonder Woman is sure to turn heads at any Halloween party–and she even wears red, white, and blue. This costume can be made one of two ways, depending on your budget.

The cheapest way for this costume is to wear a red tank top and blue shorts with a gold headband. If you have access to puffy paint and a decent hand at lettering, painting Wonder Woman’s classic logo on the front of your tank top is a great way to make the costume clearer.

If you can afford to spend a little more, most Halloween stores have great Wonder Woman tops and accessory sets available. Many of these stores also offer coupons, so make sure to go online and do a quick search before you head out to buy your costume.

5) Patriotic Barbie

This costume is fun because you can combine the classic look of Barbie with every Republican girl’s favorite colors: red, white, and blue. A great way to do this costume is to wear a red, white, or blue t-shirt and use sparkly paint to write Barbie across it in classic lettering to help make your costume clear. There are plenty of good red, white, and blue makeup tutorials to help you take your look up a notch for any Halloween party. Don’t forget your miniature flag!

6) Marilyn Monroe

There’s nothing like dressing as a classic American symbol to show off your style and class at a Halloween Party with all your closest friends. An awesome part about this costume is that it can be done in so many different ways depending on your closet and budget.

Just head to your local Halloween store and buy a Marilyn Monroe white or pink dress and some accessories. Don’t forget to hunt around your closet and your friends’ for a white or pink dress too. Luckily, if you can spare the money for a nice Marilyn Monroe wig, any time-appropriate piece, including high waisted jeans, a tied up shirt, a pencil skirt, and a nice blouse will work for your costume.

The key to this costume is a good makeup look. Marilyn had very distinctive but easy to do makeup, and one great tutorial is right here that encompasses everything from foundation to eye makeup. Don’t forget the beauty mark and a bold red lip.

7) The Wall

What list of Republican Halloween costumes would be complete without “the wall” that Donald Trump is so fond of promoting? This costume is simple, cheap, and easily recognizable. A pair of grey pants, a grey shirt with “The Wall” written on it and even a classic “Make America Great Again” hat will make sure this costume stands out. If you have time or you’re feeling creative, you could even draw some bricks across your shirt to help emphasize the theme of the costume. Either way, have fun with the best costume at the party.

Cat B
FFL Contributor