1. He doesn’t call it what it is

Hello, Mr. President. A terror attack is an attack perpetuated by terrorists. It is time to acknowledge that there are people out there that want to hurt us, to destroy the spirit of our country. We can no longer call them “lone gunmen” or abnormalities when they share this common sentiment.

2. He treats it as a lesser issue

Sometimes, in my nightmares, I hear Obama saying, “The biggest threat to our national security is climate change.” No matter where you stand on that issue, you have to face the facts that terrorism is a much bigger threat to our NATIONAL SECURITY than climate change. Climate change may be a threat, but it isn’t inspiring people to pick up guns or assemble bombs and kill our citizens. That’s another monster-one we need to acknowledge and confront.

3. He uses terms like “The JV Team”

There is no such thing as a JV team when it comes to terrorism. Every group that threatens the safety of our nation is a serious threat, and should not be treated like a crappy second-rate squad. I don’t care if they are not as sophisticated as another terror group. There is no “JV team” in terrorism; only terrorists, who want to hurt us, and whom we must deal with.

4. He sees the GOP as the enemy

Obama seems to be delusional enough to think the Grand Ole Party is supportive of terrorism, or something like that. In his talks on terrorism, he keeps mentioning “dangerous GOP rhetoric.” The real rhetoric we need to worry about is that going from the leaders of the Islamic State, the Taliban, Hezbollah, etc.

5. He thinks in terms of containment

We all know how well containment worked in the past, right? Containing terrorism is not a valid plan, in any universe. We must fight to eliminate terrorism, no matter what. Our country and our citizens will not be safe until we can control and eliminate terrorism. Containment is not an option, Obama.

6. He thinks increased religious tolerance is the answer

News flash: it isn’t. The peaceful Muslims that call America homes and occasionally feel the confines of religious intolerance are not the ones assembling bombs and planning killing sprees. The peaceful Christians in this country aren’t the ones shooting up Planned Parenthood.  The problem isn’t with religions being tolerant of each other. The problem is with people, of every religion, who are simply violent and intolerant. Terrorism knows no religion, and we need to address that. We need to address terrorism on a grand scale, and realize that making Rabbis and Pastors best friends isn’t going to stop the terrorists who want our country to fail.

7. He thinks boots on the ground won’t help

For some reason, boots on the ground just doesn’t work like it has for the past several thousand years, apparently. I know, we all know, that we are fighting a new, strange enemy in the Islamic State and other terrorist groups. However, how can a Commander-in-Chief try and say that boots on the ground is not the way to go? Our drone strikes clearly aren’t working as well as they could. We have a military full of lovely men and women who have dedicated to defending out country against these awful terrorists, so let them do it.  It’s time to realize that we are fighting a real war on terror, and a war requires boots on the ground.