One of my least favorite lies floating out there in the ether is that conservatives don’t care about the environment. That’s just not true. I know there are things I could do every day to be a more sustainable person, but I’m definitely making consistent strides to decreasing my carbon footprint and being an example of sustainability for those around me. Too many people create waste out of convenience, because plastic bottles, spoons, and Styrofoam bowls are too common. However, with these seven items you’ll be on your step to being a more sustainable person and live a simpler life along the way.

Stainless steel straws

Plastic straws are super wasteful, because they get used once and thrown away. However, I prefer to drink my coffee with straws (yes my hot coffee don’t ask) so I bought some reusable straws that I can hand-wash or run through the dishwasher and use time and time again. These steel straws are perfect for thicker drinks (such as smoothies and shakes) but will do the job for any drink. Keep them in your purse, in your cabinet, or wherever your staws are needed most.

A reusable bag that folds up small

I am super guilty of using those flimsy plastic bags at grocery stories simply because I forgot to grab a tote bag for home or ended up running into the store for one or two items while already out. This reusable bag is not only eco-friendly but it folds up super small and clips onto your key chain. No more excuses!

A chic reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles are the bane of the environment’s existence. Fight back against those darned bottles by upgrading to a chic, reusable water bottle. Not only will your drink stay cold (or warm?) for longer, it’ll look good too.

A reusable coffee mug ready to go

I’m a Starbucks addict but I KNOW that their famous cups are not great for the environment. However, I truly think that there is something aout their logo on that cup that makes it taste better. I found the perfect compromise with these Starbucks reusable cups that you can have customized with your name.  You can pick up the hot cups for $2 in any Starbucks store or the cold cup for $3.

A reusable Keurig pod for your ground coffee

Keurig cups revolutionized at home coffee, but all the waste those little plastic pods aren’t creating a positive impact on the environment. These reusable pods allow you to stay simple and keep your coffee addiction going strong without being a strain on the environment. You can fill these with the coffee grounds of your choice and hit the road.

Compostable cutlery

Plastic spoons, knives and forks are so bad for the environment, but sometimes you just can’t take a full silverware set with you. Whether you’re taking lunch to work, having a picnic, traveling on a plane, or trying to not do the dishes, but not contribute to the decline of the environment, this set of compostable cutlery is the answer to your prayers.

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Dish towels

Paper towels may be convenient but they’re the devil, or something like that. Upgrade to good quality dish towels that you’ll actually want to use because they’re good for the environment and will make your life easier. Instead of running to the store, just run a load of laundry.

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