While you’ll probably never win a murder trial on the basis of perm maintenance, Elle Woods–the queen of all things pink and fashionable–still has a lot to teach young women. Ranging anywhere from taking time to care for yourself to chasing your dreams no matter the circumstances; Elle Woods is an ambitious, sassy girl with a lot of wisdom to share.

1) You can never have too much pink. From Elle’s wardrobe to her resume, she doesn’t mess around with her pink. Pink shoes, skirts, blouses, headbands–it is literally the new black for Elle. While living in a man’s world, Elle’s love of pink is a feminine symbol and she dominates in it. Plus, who doesn’t love a little pink?!


2) You catch more flies with honey. Elle and Vivian clearly do not get off to the best start, but Elle is able to put that behind her and make a pretty great friend. Elle never fails to have a smile on her face and a positive attitude no matter what situation she is put in. She knows that she has more good things going for her than bad and she has the attitude to prove it.


3) If you’re having a bad day, go get your nails done (or do something that makes you happy!). Elle spends a lot of time at the salon, and you can’t blame her. After her terrible first day of law school, she finds a salon that becomes her safe haven. Doing something that makes you happy can take the edge off after a rough day, and you will feel 10x better when you’re done


4) If you want something, go and get it. Even though Elle ultimately applied to law school in hopes to win Warner back, she set a goal to get into Harvard and she did. She set a goal to get the intern program with Callahan and she did. She knew that her team needed Brooke Windham’s alibi to move forward with their case so she went and got it on her own. She also knew that she didn’t need Callahan and his dirty-minded attempts to make her a successful lawyer, so she became a successful lawyer on her own. Elle continuously sets goals for herself and reaches them. She doesn’t wait for things to be handed to her; she’s more of a go-getter.


5) It’s good to be different. Elle is definitely different from her law school peers, but they eventually learn that she is an amazing person. She has incredible fashion sense, a heart of gold, and of course those pink, scented resumes. Elle knows it’s good to stand out from the crowd and is not afraid to.elle4

6) Trust is vital. Even though Brooke’s alibi was an essential part of the case, Elle knew that Brooke trusted her with something and kept her word. Elle is smart enough to know that someone’s word is everything and she is not afraid to stand by what she says, regardless of who disagrees with her.


7) Believe in yourself. Eventually Elle realizes she is better off without Warner and, once she sees Callahan’s true colors, she knows his intern program isn’t for her. Elle believes in herself and what she can accomplish on her own. Elle knows she is an incredible young woman and begins accomplishing amazing things. All it took was faith in herself.elle5

Elle sets out on a journey to win back the love of her life, but finds herself along the way, plus the real love of her life and some pretty good friends. She accomplishes so much more than she ever dreamed she could and teaches young women that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. With Elle’s ambitious drive, she has a lot of advice to offer. Elle Woods is an incredible lady with a lot of talent, even if she is a fictional character. The world would be a better place if there were more Elle Woods’ in it.

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