Democrats have recently been pushing for “No fly, no buy,” which means that if you are on the No Fly List, you cannot purchase a gun. Hillary Clinton has shown her support for the gun measure, stating, “If you are too dangerous to fly, you are too dangerous to buy a gun.” The problem is the No Fly List is known for being inaccurate and discriminatory. Many leftist organizations admit this as well, including the far left online magazine, Salon, as well as the leftist civil rights group, the American Civil Liberties Union. Here are seven ways you could wind up on the No Fly List:

1) Having a name that sounds similar to a terrorist’s name: No, this is not a joke. If your name is the same as a suspected terrorist, or it is spelled somewhat closely, you can be placed on the No Fly List.

2) Saying something controversial on social media: Be careful of what you post! According to the watchlist guidelines from the National Counterterrorism Center, “suspicious” posts on social media can land you a spot on the No Fly List.

3) Traveling to certain countries: If you travel to an area which is known for having a high amount of terrorist activity, you could end up on the No Fly List. According to The Guardian, many Muslims traveling abroad have been barred from returning to the US for said reason.

4) An unlucky error: In 2004, a Stanford University graduate student was mistakenly put on the list when an FBI agent checked the wrong box on a form. It took seven years of federal lawsuits to be removed from the list.

5) Looking like a terrorist:  You could be put on the No Fly List simply by looking “representative” of a terrorist organization. What a terrorist looks like is subjective and harmful stereotypes could result in mistakes.

6) Knowing someone that looks like a terrorist: If you’re associated with someone else on the list, even if they are in no way a terrorist, you can end up on the No Fly List.

7) Refusing to spy for the FBI: In 2015, four Muslim men were put on the No Fly List after they refused to spy on their mosques for the FBI.