As George RR Martin would say, winter is coming. Whether you’re like me and live in New England where winter can be quite rough, or you’re living it up in a more moderate climate, this means you’re going to have to shift your wardrobe a bit to accommodate the changing weather and the expected fashion. That doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing FFL though. We’re proud to make conservative gear you can wear all year round, no matter the climate, but if you’re looking for a little help on how to winterize your favorite FFL item, look no further. We’re here to help.

Long sleeves and vests

These fleece vests are absolutely adorable. They come in both gray and cream with a favorite of emblems on the front, so stock up to watch your wardrobe staples (or buy both!) and pair them with your favorite long sleeve tees and sweaters, FFL or otherwise. Shop our vests and outerwear here

Short sleeves and cardigans

Some of my favorite FFL shirts are short sleeve, especially the brunch tees, and I can’t exactly layer those under a vest and expect any warmth. I throw a thick cardigan or open-front sweater into the mix and voila, I’m ready. This is perfect for the chilly late autumn days before snow falls. Shop our short sleeves here.

Skirts and blazers

FFL skirts are a staple item, we all know that. Most of the time, we wear them with nice white or black blouses and call it a day, but in the winter months, you need something more. I love to style them with a fitted blazer that dresses it up a bit without overwhelming the skirt. Contrasting colors are great and your arms won’t freeze off during meetings. If it’s extra cold, through on some tights under the skirt (or dress!) for good measure. Shop our skirts and dresses here

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Jeans and riding boots

The jean-riding book-long sleeve combo is a New England staple, and I’m a huge fan of it because it allows me to show off my FFL long-sleeve tees we make and still look like a normal person. Fitted jeans tucked into riding boots with a nicely fitted long sleeve tee is the perfect outfit for running errands, going to class, or sitting in the library doing homework. Shop our long sleeves here


The onset of fall and winter means that it is finally scarf season again. They’re perfect to layer over sweaters, with vests, alongside dresses, et cetera. The options are endless. Shop this scarf here

Warm cozy socks

Our vast collection of warm cabin socks are perfect for winter. These socks are perfect for pairing with thick boots in the winter so you don’t lose a toe trekking to class in the snow, and then you can kick up your feet at home and share an adorable message with your peers. They come with a  variety of sayings for every occasion. Shop our cabin sock collection here

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member