Now that COVID-19 has officially been declared a pandemic, people are advised to social distance themselves from others, work from home, and only go out for absolute necessities like groceries and medicine. That has left a lot of healthy people stuck inside wondering what to do with themselves. If you’re not one of those people inside, please, start listening to the people around you and practice social distancing if you’re not a healthcare worker or absolutely needed at work. 

Anyway, many schools are cancelled, or doing classes all alone, a lot of people are working for home, and luckily, FFL has been around for years publishing articles on all sorts of topics. Whether you’re looking for insight into what to do, what to read, what to watch, or what to listen to,  we’ve got you covered. 

Please, stay home, stay healthy, and utilize these resources to make the most of your social distancing. 

To do

Looking for something to do that isn’t a Netflix binge or reading marathon? Try gratitude journaling, yoga, cocktail making, or other career-related ideas. 

To watch

Do you need some insight into what to watch because you’re experiencing decision fatigue? We’ve got you covered. Beware: some of these are older articles, so while the movies are still great, they may be available on different streaming sites. 

To read

Social distancing is a great chance to catch up on some reading! If you don’t already have these books, consider downloading e-books or utilizing the digital resources of your local library. Audio-books are also great during social distancing because it’s like having someone in the room with you. 

To learn

If you’re like me, with no work to do, you’re likely looking for ways to keep learning. These are great articles with tips and tricks. Take advantage of free online courses, Ted Talks, and other learning opportunities. 


Need something to listen to while you walk on the treadmill at home or clean the house? Consider some of the podcasts we’ve featured on FFL–political and nonpolitical. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member