We at FFL were so excited to launch a book club in April. Because we love good books, juicy stories, and strong women, we selected American Royals by Katharine McGee for our first book. Published in fall 2019, this book imagines the contemporary United States if George Washington had become king instead of president. His descendants have held the throne ever since. In McGee’s first book in a planned trilogy, the oldest heir, Beatrice, is preparing for what it will mean for the country to have its first female leader. 

I personally love American Royals because it combines politics and American history with romance, real life teen drama, and writing you just can’t turn away from. The first time I read this book–I got an advanced copy a few months before it was officially released–I could not put it down. I truly read it in one sitting. Yes, my back hurt, but it was worth it. 

If you haven’t joined our official Facebook book club, join here, and follow us here on Instagram. Even if you’ve missed the bulk of our discussions, it’s not too late for you to read American Royals. If, however, you have already devoured that book and need something to quench your thirst while you wait for its sequel, Majesty, which is out this September, then we’ve got you covered. 

Here are eight books you might enjoy if you loved American Royals

Red White & Royal Blue

What if the son of the first female president of the United States started falling for the crown prince of England? Drama, drama, drama, sweet romance, and international attention, that’s for sure. This novel by Casey McQuiston quickly became a favorite among many, made numerous “best of” lists and has that royal intrigue along with some US politics that so many of us enjoyed about American Royals

The Royal We and The Heir Affair

If you really enjoyed the royal aspect of American Royals, consider diving into The Royal We, a fictionalized retelling of the story of Will & Kate that has a commoner falling for her friend, who just happens to be the heir to the throne, but it’s not all roses and sunshine for the couple as they navigate their own relationship and the media scrutiny. While The Royal We was a hit, we also anxiously await the sequel, out this July, The Heir Affair, in which Bex and Nicholas must deal with the Queen, the press, and themselves all over again. 

Truly, Madly, Royally

Young adult romance gets a royal twist in this adorable, sweet stand-alone novel that introduces Zora, a brilliant student at an intense summer program to someone she never expected to fall for: a prince. Community service, a royal date, and a scholarship program, what’s the worst that could happen? 

Prince Charming and Her Royal Highness

If you like royal drama, teenage angst, and romance, you’ll love this duology by Rachel Hawkins. This is also perfect for people who love seeing Americans deal with the weirdness that is monarchy. In Prince Charming, Daisy Winters finds herself enmeshed with the Scottish royal family and dealing with the ensuing drama about her big sister’s wedding. In Her Royal Highness, Millie lands at a boarding school in Scotland only to discover her roommate is an actual princess. Both have swoon-worthy romances and crazy royal shenanigans. 

Royal Holiday

If you want a royal adjacent romance with truly adult characters, you might enjoy this romance by Jasmine Guillory. Though some characters reappear, you don’t need to have read her other books to love this one. Vivian gladly tags along on her daughter’s trip to England to work for the royal family, but she never expects to find herself falling for a member of the royal household. Vivian herself isn’t suiting up to be a princess, but this romance is sweet and captures some royal intrigue along the way. 

Of Curses and Kisses

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale retelling with a truly royal twist? Beauty and the Beast gets a remix in this contemporary romance set at a Colorado boarding school for royals and other big deal kids. Princess Jaya’s ready to get revenge on British royal Grey for his crimes against her family, but what if everything isn’t what it seems? There will be at least two more in this series that will retell different fairy tales at the same boarding school!

BONUS: Majesty, American Royals II Preorder the sequel to American Royals, out in September 2020.

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